14Hyundai Kona

Try to Pick a Winner: The Best SUV of 2019

Long admired for their ability to produce economical cars that last, Hyundai has once again struck gold with the new Kona. Hyundai offers two models, the standard and the Kona Electric. One of the best values in subcompact SUVs, the 2019 Kona base model SE has a MSRP of $19,990. Even the top-of-the-line Ultimate starts at a reasonable $27,500. Hyundai offers a choice of powerful turbocharged engines that have an estimated fuel efficiency rating of 29 – 33 miles per hour on the highway. For such a low price, you might think you will have to settle for a scaled-down interior, but the Kona sports an upscale cabin that seats five. The base model is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system and an 8-inch screen is available. Safety features, such as forward collision warning and lane-keep assistance, come standard, even on the base model.

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