The Top Rated Luxury SUVs

SUVs are in charge of the year, and it's all about electrification. This is due to a large group of crossovers and full EV models in the pipeline. All-new electric cars are ahead of the pack as we head towards the end of the decade. For instance, the Porsche Mission E and Mercedes EQA will soon debut. There will also be a crossover version of the Ford Mustang that will amp you up. Here are our top picks for 2019 as far as luxury SUVs are concerned.


What will the Porsche Cayenne look like?

We start from the German carmaker that keeps impressing us with the exterior styling. Ideal from their first SUV, [search label="Porsche" items="Macan|Porsche SUV|Luxury Cars|Luxury SUVs"] is aiming to get them nearer to their sports cars. Presently, the 2019 Porsche Cayenne is, by all means, the best outcome of this idea. The upgrade will make it more aggressive. The luxury SUV will offer a lot of functions, systems, and premium technology inside the car. In the engine, we will see familiar engine since Cayenne will obtain them from Sports Turismo wagon and Panamera. What's more, another vital detail - the Cayenne will debut in the US market.


What about the BMW X7?

Long has BMW been trying to make things happen without an appropriate three-push SUV. Not anymore. In spite of the fact that X5 offers an optional third row of seats, BMW has finally chosen to make that bit of equipment redundant. Full-size BMW X7 will finally offer the measure of space a BMW flagship SUV should have. Despite the fact that X7 is an all-new vehicle, the carmakers won't need to bring back the wheel with it. New CLAR platform which blends high-quality steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber has already appeared in new 5 Series.


What will the Audi RS Q5 offer?

[search label="Audi" items="Q5|Audi Dealership|Mercedes|Porsche"] has never for once been shy about giving its SUVs an elite makeover. The next in line to receive the RS treatment will be the mid-sized Q5. The RS Q5 is set to utilize the 444 bhp 2.9-liter V6 from the RS 5 to offer Porsche Macan Turbo-rivaling pace. We expect a 0-62mph time of well under 5 seconds and in addition Quattro 4-wheel drive and all the typical RS styling. That should include etched air intakes, LED headlamps and big wheels with low-profile tires.


Does the Acura RDX worth a mention?

Redesigned from the ground up for 2019, the RDX is [search label="Acura's" items="Acura MDX|Infiniti|Toyota|Acura CLX"] latest attempt to jab itself further into the European competition. With another design lifted straight from the Precision concept vehicle. This design propelled the overhauls of the TLX, RLX, and MDX. The new RDX welcomes a brand new engine, transmission, and infotainment system. It also welcomes back the long-missed Super Handling Four-Wheel-Drive system that Acura is famous for.


What's special about the Lincoln Nautilus?

Probably the highlight of the last car show in LA is 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. This is a brand new SUV that will take the position of the MKX hybrid. A mid-sized vehicle wouldn't replace its predecessor, however, in addition, add some excitement to the current lineup of hybrids. Real change compared to the MKX is a new engine. Base models aren't conveying powerful 3.7-l displacement. The 2019 Nautilus will utilize a 2.7-l powertrain as its principal energy source. Combined with a turbocharger, it can make up to 350 horsepower.


Shouldn't something be said about the Polestar 1?

The first car from Volvo's new high-performance was launched last October. However, it won't go into production until the middle of 2019. The Polestar 1 combines a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with a starter/generator and electric motor to offer 592 bhp and 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. It asserts up to 93 miles of electric running. Additionally, the 'active' suspension can react to changes in the road surface in less than two milliseconds. Offered on membership, the Polestar 1 will be left-hand drive only.


What will the Porsche Mission E bring?

Porsche's luxury Tesla Model S rival will land before 2020, displaying the brand's future EV designs. At first, the Mission E will come as a 592 bhp 4-door, 4WD saloon, before different forms take after. The company claims 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds and a 300-mile range. Owners will also have the capacity to charge their cars with 249 miles of range in less than 20 minutes. Porsche has not officially affirmed its production but used the Mission E's 2015 Frankfurt show debut to measure response. However, we hope to see it on sale next year.

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