The Sleek, New 2019 Ford Expedition

While Ford didn't change very much from the 2018 model, the design upgrade makes it seem like a very different SUV. With its spacious cabin and ample cargo space, it can handle whatever you need to haul, while providing passengers all the roomy comfort they require. The Expedition doesn't skimp on power, either, making it an excellent choice for towing a trailer across the country. Whether your journey is short or long, you will enjoy every minute of the ride in the 2019 Ford Expedition.


What new features will this year’s Expedition have?

Ford is expected to make only minimal changes in the Expedition for 2019. This year you can expect the same trims that were available in 2018, which includes the base model, the XLT, along with the upgraded Limited and Platinum levels. In an odd twist, the company will not offer power adjustable pedals in the 2019 XLT.


What standard features does it have?

The 2019 will likely have the same standard features as last year, including 18-inch wheels, climate controls for rear seats, Sync infotainment system, complete with Sirius XM radio and a nine-speaker audio system. Also expected to come standard on the base XLT model is a push-start ignition, rearview camera with rear parking sensors, and an SOS after-crash alert system.


What interior features does it offer?

One of the best things about the Ford Expedition is the tremendous amount of interior room. Everyone, no matter where they are seated, can enjoy traveling in comfort. Passengers can enjoy entertainment from the in-car Sling TV available through the onboard Wi-Fi.


Does the Expedition get good gas mileage?

With any SUV this size, fuel economy is going to suffer. The Expedition has an estimated fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon on the highway and 17 mpg in the city.


How does the Ford Expedition look?

Ford has designed the 2019 Expedition to be a sleeker, more stylish SUV. They have replaced the busy detailing of the previous models with clean lines for a more sophisticated look. The enormous doors on the Expedition allow passengers better access to the second and third rows of seats. The plain taillights are a big letdown on this year’s model, though, even if you can opt for LED.


How safe is the 2019 model?

Though crash tests have not yet been completed for the new Expedition, previous models have scored very well in federal safety tests. With standard offerings such as daytime-running lights, a backup camera, and parking assist, the Expedition’s safety is improved. However, the Expedition offers fewer standard safety assist features than most of its competitors. Ford charges over $6,000 for a package with automatic emergency braking on its base model, pushing the price well above rivals.


How well does it perform?

The new Expedition is a powerful machine. With a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, it offers a great ride and excellent handling for an SUV its size. Drivers will be impressed by the rapid yet smooth acceleration of the 2019 Expedition. It also offers a towing capacity of 6000 pounds, so it would be great for hauling a travel trailer.


How much interior space does the new Expedition have for passengers and cargo?

Ford offers the regular and Max options for its Expedition. With three rows of seats, you can seat 7 – 8 people in 172 cubic feet of space. Or, if cargo is a priority, two people can travel with a cargo capacity of 121.5 cubic feet.


How much will the 2019 Expedition cost?

You can choose the 4x2 or 4x4 Expedition in base XLT, Limited, or Platinum trims. The 4x2 XLT is the cheapest of all, starting at $52,130. Upgrading to Limited raises the price to $63,015, while the Platinum fetches $73,365. For the 4x4 XLT, you’ll pay $55,140, while the Limited costs $66,140 and the Platinum is priced at $76,515.


Is the new Expedition worth the price?

While the 2019 Ford Expedition is a fine vehicle, it is an expensive choice compared to the competition. For the price of the fully-loaded Platinum level, you will end up paying about the same amount as you would for a Lincoln Navigator. The Expedition doesn’t deliver a lot of features that luxury models, like the Navigator provides and is not nearly as opulent inside. Although Ford has built a solid automobile, the Expedition simply can’t compete with the amenities of its competitors in this price range.


When can I buy one?

Production on the 2019 Expedition began in mid-October 2018, so you can check with a Ford dealer to order yours now.

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