The Stunning New Acura RDX

The previous RDX was a little short in emotion and performance but long on practicality. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the Acura RDX is free of those shortcomings. The new RDX has the edge over its predecessor because it comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder instead of the previous V6; this means that the new version has more low-end torque. It can easily handle twisting tarmac thanks to its keen handling and quick steering. Occupants will be treated with a large cargo area, new in-floor storage, and an airy cabin. The new RDX has more features than the chains in Quavo’s neck. You can choose the features that match your needs from the four offerings of the Acura.


What does the interior offer?

The occupants of this vehicle will enjoy an unusually roomy cabin. You shouldn’t worry even if your limbs are taller than Shaquel O’neal’s because the new RDX comes with a standard panoramic sunroof. The interior offers comfort that is only comparable to a day in the spa. It has a firm ride quality that skillfully damps out harshness. The front seats are supportive, but the back seats can’t be adjusted even though they are very comfortable. The RDX offers easy exit and access just like most crossovers. The controls are placed logically. The RDX also offers utility for days. It comes with a “handy” in-floor storage and plenty of cargo space. It offers many storage spaces like the area below the floating console.


Which trims are available?

Instead of several trim levels, the Acura RDX is available as one trim that offers four optional packages. The packages include Advance, A-Spec, Technology, and base.


What are the advantages and disadvantages?

We are in love with the torque-vectoring agility, powerful turbo-4, quiet interior, sleek design and high-end interior. In fact, we are convinced that it might be the best bargain in the class. However, we don’t like the tight rear headroom, poor gas mileage, complex touchpad infotainment controls, braking pedal feel, and we also think that there needs to be more support in the rear seats.


What about the safety features?

The Acura RDX has expressed optimism that it will perform well when the NHTSA and the IIHS perform crash tests. We also believe it will perform well considering that it is a crossover that goes for $40,000 and above. The standard features include active lane control, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and forward collision warnings. The previous model came with an uncomfortable driving position, but that is old news thanks to the new model’s 4-way adjustable headrests. A surround-view camera is available in the Advance edition. All the models apart from the base model come with standard blind-spot monitors. With all these features, you should feel safer than a baby in a womb.


Which technological features are available?

The RDX has a very promising infotainment interface that is based on the new touchpad. However, we feel that it requires some familiarization. The RDX has many standard advanced driver aids. Advance models come with a heads-up display that is very useful. It also has a terrific screen with great speed and graphics. There is also mind-blowing premium audio.


What about the driving experience?

The new RDX accelerates with more velocity than its predecessor, especially when it starts at low speeds. It also feels livelier. It is one of the most engaging crossovers thanks to its sharper handling and steering.

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