The 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLB

How do you know it's time you got yourself a new car? We have the answer when you start dreaming you were a muffler and you wake up exhausted. If that does not work, you can probably check if your car seems to be addicted to brake fluid. With or without these symptoms, we thought you would love the 2018 Mercedes Benz GLB. There's a reason we do not take our rock star colleagues out on long trips around the world in a GLB. We have no rock star colleagues, and we have yet to purchase a GLB. It is among 2018's most anticipated vehicles. The GLB has been a reputable car since 1979 when it was first manufactured. Back then it immediately took the market by storm with its proficiency. The new GLB retains some of that juice from the golden days especially in matters regarding shape; it still has the same square-like appearance but has significantly reduced in size. That said, we advise you not to think of some military-like truck in your garage. The GLB has been the aesthetic value to get you rolling with the rock stars and enough ground clearance to tackle rocky terrain.


How is the Cabin Design?

Visually, it differs from the GLA model. The new GLB model will have a bigger cabin, bigger luggage compartment and much better off-road characteristics. It is very spacious and comfortable in the back. It boasts of 500 liters of luggage. It has cube-shaped lines, LED decorations and a front roll-bar, all with reduced dimensions. It is between 4 and 4.65 meters long or smaller than the GLK. It will have a long list of standard safety features including autonomous braking and collision prevention assist. It also has standard run-flat tires, air conditioning, airbags, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and touch screen. The control panel is easy to manage since it is well organized.


How's the interior?

It will have the typical components on the interior like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth hotspot, overhauled GPS and warming features. It will have all enough leg space and an agreeable voyage on any landscape.


What is underneath the hood?

It has two versions of the engine the first one being a 2.0-litre petrol engine which can produce 150hp. The second one is 2.2-litre diesel engine which can produce 245 hp. Both versions are connected with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The model will offer a four-wheel drive, as well as front-wheel drive and also have a maximum speed of 133mph. There is a possibility that we will also get a plug-in hybrid version.


Which cars offer the strongest competition?

The strongest competition will be the models: Lincoln MKC, Audi Q3, Lexus NX, BMW X1 and Land Rover Evoque. We expect the GLB to perform well because it is hotter than summer and looks cooler than winter.


What is the price?

The price range varies from $40,000 to $55,000 from the base version to the range topping model, dependent on the cost of additional components.

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