The 2018 Ford Transit Custom

The 2018 Ford Transit Custom is better and smarter although one doesn’t get the impression that it is dramatically different. The 2018 version comes with a nip and tuck. It has better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. It remains a proper work van, but it is more than a tool on wheels because it offers more in terms of practicality and comfort. If it were an animal, then it would definitely be an ox because it can do a lot of work. This workhorse is a favorite for the late-night deliverers and early risers.


What’s new?

This is the UK’s best-selling van, and therefore it comes as no surprise that it hasn’t changed much in 2018. However, the manufacturers have made some little but effective changes. It is now easier and cheaper to fix damaged panels thanks to newly fitted bumper and front panels. The van has better airflow because of its tweaked front grille. The interior has also been redesigned.


What does the interior offer?

You would be forgiven for thinking you are in a mid-market SUV if you were blindfolded in the 2018 Ford Transit Custom. It’s like dipping your finger in a cookie jar and tasting it while you’re blindfolded. The dashboard now has open bins with space for laptops and clipboards to allow the driver to work when the van is packed. This improvement is Ford’s response to drivers who complained that the previous model was cramped and impractical. You can also store A4 documents flat even on windy days thanks to the van’s large glovebox. In fact, the storage space is now an impressive 25 liters; it can host stuff like multiple USB ports, two-liter bottles, and tablets. It comes with an 8in infotainment screen that allows you to pick hands-free phone calls or follow navigation. You can’t find a van that is more comfortable; all the seats are deep and plush.


What about the safety?

The 2018 Ford Transit Custom offers numerous safety features. At this point, we are not sure which features will be optional or standard, but we can confirm that it will come with these features. It has wind stabilization and Adaptive cruise control. There is no need to worry about drifting out of your lane because it has an autonomous system that warns the driver. When you're reversing, the system will caution you of approaching traffic.


What drives it?

The front wheels of this workhorse are driven by an EcoBlue turbo-diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters. The engine works with a manual or six-speed automatic transmission. The engine offers 96kW/385Nm. The van can haul 1,450kg of gear in the back. I mean, it works so hard that you would think that a judge has condemned it to a jail sentence with hard labor.


What do we think about the driving experience?

This van is comfortable to drive even if you spend the whole day traveling. On the road, it has a responsive, light steering and stable handling. In this respect, it is very similar to the old van. The refinement is now tweaked on the motorway in order to reduce the noise of the engine to a hum. There are also minimal vibrations through the pedals and the steering wheel.

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