The Audi Q3: Compact Luxury SUV

The compact-luxury-SUV section is the home of the 2018 Audi Q3. It is very compelling, and it acts as a great option for people who don’t want an entry compact luxury car. If this car were a soccer player, then it would be France’s entertaining Mbappe because it is fun to drive. It offers more utility. This is Audi's cheapest and smallest SUV. When compared to its competitors, it offers lesser fuel efficiency, interior refinement and more ride comfort. The Audi Q3 can carry five people like the compact Q5, but it slots below it. The Q3 competes in the ever-expanding section of small, premium SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, Buick Encore, and the BMW X1.


Which are the stand-out features?

The Q3 has many features but some of them stand out like a dreadlocked man in the midst of bald men, the most notable ones include: All-wheel or Front-wheel drive, standard heated front seats, Audi Connect system with access to internet, five seats, standard Panoramic moonroof and a turbo four-cylinder engine that delivers 200-hp.


Does the 2018 version bring anything new?

Yes, the Q3 comes with some new features. The 2018 Q3 will now offer standard heated front seats, standard door sills and badges as well as an S Line front bumper. Premium Plus and Premium are the two trims that are offered by this year’s Q3. The Premium Plus will come with LED taillights, LED headlights and Audi Side Assist. The Premium will offer a convenience package that will feature a power tailgate, auto-dimming interior mirror that will work with a compass and an Audi advanced key.


What are the pros and the cons?

The 2018 Audi Q3 has many good things like a comfortable ride on rough roads, high-quality materials in the interior, a quiet cabin, an affordable price and lots of features. However, the Q3 has a poor fuel economy, no USB interface, an awkwardly-placed Infotainment controller, little backseat space for adults as well as poor acceleration and handling.


What do we think about it?

This vehicle is more than a small SUV. You can be sure that it will awaken all your senses and party juices because it offers entertainment for days. If you’ve been wondering how to impress your crush, don’t sweat it, just stand in front of your new Q3 and smile like Mr.Bean. You will certainly love it if you’re looking for a luxury item. However, you should also consider the Acura RDX which leads the class with 279 horsepower and a higher price. For a price that is slightly higher than the Q3’s, you can also get the BMW X1 which offers more cargo space, better fuel economy and more horsepower.


How safe is the 2018 Audi Q3?

The Q3 is yet to be tested by the NHTSA, but the IIHS performed some crash tests and gave it a Good score. On the other hand, it scored a Poor rating because it has no forward-collision warning system and it also has poor headlights. The standard features include front and rear parking sensors, lots of airbags and a rearview camera. The safety features can also include blind-spot monitors. We also feel that that small glass area and thick pillars kinda obstruct the visibility to the rear. We don’t think the Q3 is a Top Safety Pick.


What about the driving experience?

You will notice that the brakes feel good, it has a top-notch steering and a quiet cabin. When it comes to handling, it feels bigger and heavier because of its sub-par grip limits, lackluster responses, and its soft suspension. We would recommend the optional Sport package since it lacks the feeling of sportiness. It is great for a road trip.

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