New Chevy Silverado Deals

Now is a great time to snag a new Chevy Silverado. The Silverado brings a lot of fun advanced features, as well as upgrades to it safety technology, which makes it a great choice. It keeps passengers comfortable in its roomy cabin and houses fun infotainment perks with a dual touchscreen interface. With the special incentives that Chevrolet is providing to interested buyers, now is a great time to head over to the dealership to pick one up. But before hitting the road, there are some things to keep in mind that'll save you money along the way.


Does the Silverado 2500HD come with special financing?

When shopping for new vehicles, it's common to run across manufacturers who offer low APR financing options. They do this to encourage increased sales of their product, and it's usually a very successful tactic. When it comes to the Silverado 2500HD, Chevrolet is offering an impressive no-APR financing option. This enables buyers to receive 0 percent financing for 60 months, which means that consumers would be paying $16.67 per $1,000 financed. When it comes to their other 2500HD model, Chevrolet is offering a low 3.9 percent APR financing rate for 60 months. This translates to $18.37 for every $1,000 that a consumer has financed.


What about cash allowances and financing for the Silverado 1500?

The 1500 comes with a low annual percentage rate of 3.9 percent for 60 months to qualified buyers. In addition to that, Chevrolet is offering $500 in bonus cash on top of the low-interest rate. That works out to $18.37 for every $1,000 financed and provides enough money back to jumpstart the first road trip. But, on top of the low APR and cash back incentives, there are also specialty programs for the 1500 Crew Cab LT models. These programs include specialty reductions that allow the vehicles to be marked down under the MSRP. In addition to that, dealerships can offer up to $2500 cash allowances, depending on the trim model. The Silverado offers the most incentives of the current models.


Are there any cash back programs on other models?

The 2500 Chevy Silverado is available with either $500 cash back or $2,000 cash back for those who qualify. Though, these two programs are not currently being offered in conjunction with special financing or lease offers. For buyers who are interested in the 3500 HD model, there are also multiple options. The 3500 comes with the same $500 or $2000 Consumer Cash allowances as the 2500. Also like the 2500, this program is not available with lease options and low financing rates. The cash allowances are still great for their class and should work to entice buyers this season.

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