Inside the Ford Escape

Do you like to think of yourself as a classy and stylish car enthusiast? Maybe you're fed up with the same old driving experience you've always had? Well, I've got just the right idea for you. A new impressive, comfortable and ridiculously attractive premium crossover whose driving experience will award you the thrill you rightfully deserve. You will be the talk of the town, rolling down the street on your new wheels, just anticipate many selfie requests from thirsty admires. Enter the all new and even more functional 2017 Ford Escape. This car is not only revolutionary in design, but it also whacks its predecessors like its child's play and beats its competition like a drum! This beauty has received some serious work on the exterior, including a butt lift and a tummy tuck. To top it all up, it comes with two new turbocharged engines; a 1.5-liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder and a 2.0-liter twin turbo EcoBoost. I bet you think this is impressive, right? There's more.


What makes this SUV stand out?

Great engineering technology powers the 2017 Ford Escape. Under the hood of this new SUV, you will find a 1.5 liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine which produces 179 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. There is also the 2.0 EcoBoost option which is also 4 cylinder; it gives you 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Both of these engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifts on the steering wheel. Offering customers the opportunity to add an extra 66 hp, the escape definitely appeals to our thirst for power.<br><br>With a stylish interior, this athletic looking car stands out from a crowd of compact crossovers in its own special way. The steering is light but natural while the precision is simply breathtaking; every action on the steering wheel is met with precise, predictable action at the wheels.


Does the car offer any new features?

Despite the name change, the 2017 Escape, judging by the exterior, happens to be a very familiar product. But wait, do not be tempted to judge a book by its cover. You will love the new trapezoidal grille that has pretty much sharpened the exterior, the silver-grey roof rails and the redefined rear. There's not a lot to speak of on the exterior given that the designers at Ford seem to have borrowed a lot from the 2016 model. The big changes start with the interior, say hello to the new Sync Connect System that uses a Smartphone app to give you control of numerous functions. With this app, you can open the doors, locate a vehicle and even start the engine remotely. <br><br>Ford also made some major updates under the hood with the new 1.5 and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines which both feature a stop-start technology improving fuel consumption by 4-6 percent in traffic. Perhaps to aid in handling the power are several driver assist options; one of them is a lane keeping alert system that will get the car back in its lane when it senses that you're drifting. Even more, the system collects data from your driving and will notify you through the instrument cluster if you are tired. <br><br>Also new is the active park assist which is a great thing since it's meant to help people who have a problem parking especially in towns; many people really need this, they just might not know it. To wrap it up, there's the adaptive cruise control which uses brake support to match the speed of your Escape to that of traffic around you.


Which models are on offer?

Ford enthusiasts will have something to smile about here. The Escape has been launched with the availability of three models to choose from. There is the entry-level Ambiente (S), a mid-specification Trend (SE) and a top-specification Titanium model. The Ambiente starts at a pocket-friendly $28,490, making it $760 cheaper than it was before. It comes with the new 1.5 liter EcoBoost engine mated to a six-speed gearbox. The manual version is front wheel drive, unlike the automatic gearbox which offers both front and all-wheel-drive configurations. <br><br>Coming in second is the Trend model starting at $32,990, it comes with the option of the 1.5 liter EcoBoost, a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder or the 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel engine. Purists will not be amused to discover that all engines are only mated to a six-speed automatic transmission gearbox. You can get all three engines with all-wheel drive, while the 1.5-liter option is also available in front wheel drive.<br><br>At the very top of the chain is the Titanium model which kicks off at $44,990. It is available with the 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine or the 2.0-liter diesel and only as an automatic all-wheel drive. The Titanium has stepped up the nip on all models which gave them daytime running lights. It has received Led daytime running lights coupled with bi-xenon headlights.


What should I know about its technological features?

Ford has added some new technology to the Escape including adaptive cruise control with forward collision avoidance technology, lane keep assist, Start-stop to improve on fuel economy and enhanced park assist feature which handles not only parallel parking but also perpendicular parking. The Sync3 system comes with Andriod Auto, Apple CarPlay DAB+ digital radio, satellite navigation and intelligent voice control. These features along with the new Escape's 8.0-inch infotainment which is now configured to suit Australian voices make this crossover the clear leader in its segment when it comes to matters of infotainment.


What is the target market?

Ford may have made most of its initial gain with generation Y, but all indications are that the new Escape is definitely built for Millennials. Ford's strategy team seems to have had this in mind for quite a while as is shown by the campaigns suggesting that you should not have to sacrifice performance for fuel economy, which is just what the 2017 escape proves. <br><br>"Millennials are growing up, getting married and starting families," Lisa Schoder, Ford's global small-car marketing manager, told Dale Buss of Forbes. "They're more stable in their careers after maybe being bumpy after college. And they still have active lifestyles regarding carrying things around, like bicycles -- and now also baby strollers and gear for their kids. We're hitting this target well with our vehicles."

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