Inside The Spectacular Buick Encore

In its sixth model year in the United States, the 2019 Buick Encore in almost unchanged from its predecessor. The small luxury crossover class is a very hot property these days, but the Buick Encore offers a much milder option. The smallest Buick crossover, it offers attractive style in a convenient compact size. However, its narrow interior and underpowered base engine leave some buyers wanting more for their money.


What kind of gas mileage does a Buick Encore get?

The 2019 Encore gets good gas mileage for a crossover. The combined EPA estimate is 28 mpg, with the Encore rating 26 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.


What trim options are available for the Encore?

The 2019 model is offered in a variety of trim options. Choose from base, Preferred, Sport Touring, Preferred II, Essence, and Premium trims. All trim options are available in front- and all-wheel drive. The base Encore comes with satellite radio, OnStar, and power features and starts around $23,000. Reviewers prefer the Essence trim, with added benefits like rear cross-traffic alerts and heated seats.


How powerful is the Buick Encore?

The Encore offers a smooth, pleasant ride, but is not a high-performance vehicle. Its base 4-cylinder engine just doesn’t provide the acceleration power that many owners are looking for in a [search label="luxury crossover" items="luxury crossover SUV|Infiniti QX60|Audi Q7|Acura RDX"]. The Encore offers a choice of two different turbocharged engines, both 4-cylinder, and 1.4 liters. Choose from a 138-horsepower standard engine or opt for an upgrade to the 153-horsepower engine with start/stop technology. However, neither option will be able to take the SUV from zero to 60 mph in less than 9.5 seconds. While it may be slow, the Encore provides a smooth ride, handling rough roads very well. Though it has a sporty look, the Encore performs much better as an urban cruiser.


Is the Buick Encore safe?

Even though the federal and independent testers haven’t rated the 2019 model yet, this year’s Encore hasn’t changed from last year’s model, in regard to crash safety. The 2018 Encore was given an overall five-star rating from federal testers, including four stars for rollover crash safety. The IIHS rated the crash protection of the Encore as mostly “good”; the exception is the “acceptable” rating for passenger-side small impact collisions. The fact that the Encore offers no automatic emergency braking is one of the model’s lacking safety features.


How many passengers does the Encore carry?

The 2019 model offers two rows of seats and can carry five people. While the Encore offers high-quality interiors, the space is narrow and cramped. This SUV offers a front shoulder room of 54.18 inches and a front headroom of 39.58 inches. Front legroom measures 40.82 inches. Other Encore riders have significantly less room, making this SUV a less-than-luxurious ride, in terms of comfort.


How much does a 2019 Encore cost?

This depends mainly on which trim you choose. The base FWD 4-door Encore price begins at $23,000. The next step up is the FWD Preferred, which starts at $24,600, followed by the FWD Sport Touring, which starts at $25,800. Next up in price is the AWD Preferred, beginning at $26,100, and the AWD Sport Touring, with an MSRP starting at $27,300. Topping the price list are the FWD Essence, which starts at $29,300, and the AWD Essence, beginning at $30,800.


Is the Encore worth the price?

The base Encore offers an enticing price, but there aren’t a lot of features standard. Buick offers many features to add to the base model, but these amenities come at a pretty hefty price. If you are looking for a crossover with a lot of cargo capacity, the Encore is not for you. But if space is not a priority for your family, the Encore delivers a luxury ride and premium atmosphere.

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