Buick Enclave: All-New & Stunning

Buick has been around a long time but has not fallen behind the times in car design and technology. They continue to uphold their reputation as makers of classy yet affordable and practical vehicles. Unfortunately, many myths surround Buicks and the new Buick Enclave in particular. Many people believe it isn't a real sturdy SUV or isn't exactly big enough for the whole family and can't haul enough stuff to be truly useful. Well, these myths have been debunked. Check out the real facts about this tough, roomy SUV.


Myth: Buick Enclaves are not real SUV's.

Not true. Many people think the Buick Enclave as actually a CUV or [search label="Crossover Utility Vehicle" items="Top CUVs|Buick Encore|Jeep Compass|Subaru Crosstrek"]. It is not. The Buick Enclave is a true SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle. What's the difference? CUV's are built like a car with a unibody frame, which means the car and frame are basically one main structure. An SUV has a separate frame and body, like a truck.


Myth: Buick Enclaves are very expensive.

Not true. The Buick Enclave is not the cheapest SUV out there, but it is most certainly nowhere near as expensive as many of them. The starting or base price for a Buick Enclave is actually just under $40,000. It is more expensive than the Kia Sorento with three-row seating, which starts out at about $10,000 less. However, it is less expensive than the Acura MDX which starts out at around $44,000.


Myth: Enclaves are not really big enough for a large family.

Buick Enclaves seats eight people very comfortably. They have three rows of seating with plenty of room to spread out. So, unless you have eight children, the Enclave is plenty big enough for the family and the family dog.


Myth: Buick Enclaves don't have enough cargo space.

With all three rows of seats occupied, you will still have 23.3 cubic feet of space for a cooler and beach chairs or whatever you stocked up on at the store. If you do away with the third row of seats, which folds completely flat, by the way, you get a total of 58.9 cubic feet of space. The second row also folds completely flat. So, if you need even more room for gardening or home renovation supplies, you can fold all the seats flat for 115.2 cubic feet of space.


Myth: You can't tow a trailer with the Buick Enclave.

This is rather surprisingly not true. You can actually tow up to 2,000 pounds with the Buick Enclave. The V6 engine is not a beefy powerhouse of an engine, though, so you don't want to exceed that limit. But, if you have a little trailer that you want to tow with you to the vacation home or for work, you can hook it up to the Enclave.


Myth: Buick Enclaves get terrible gas mileage.

Not really. While it is true that they don't get the best mileage for an SUV, it really isn't terrible. It is actually about average for a full-size SUV. The Enclave gets 15 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. The [search label="Kia Sorento" items="Kia Sorento|Toyota Highlander|Lexus RX|Jeep Grand Cherokee"] gets 17-21 mpg in the city and 23-28 mpg on the highway, depending on the engine and drivetrain.


Myth: Enclaves are not equipped with the latest technology.

Absolutely not true. The Enclave comes with a USB port, a six 1/2-inch touchscreen, smartphone integration capabilities, satellite radio, and Bluetooth. This is standard on all models. Tri-zone climate control and a rearview camera are also standard. If you want more bells and whistles, you can get a 10-speaker Bose sound system, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, and a navigation system


Myth: The Enclave doesn't have enough available upgrades.

This is actually more of a matter of opinion. True, the Enclave isn't available in eight or ten different models or trims, but there are upgrade options. You can choose between AWD (All wheel drive) or FWD (Front-wheel drive). There are also three different trim levels, which are called "groups." You can get the Convenience group, Leather group or Premium group. The Premium group is the most expensive with a base price of $48,550. It does only come with one engine option, though. All groups come with a 3.6-liter [search label="V6" items="v6 engine|Chevy Camaro|Honda Accord|Genesis G90"] that produces 288 hp with a 6-speed automatic transmission.


Myth Buick only makes blah vehicles for older folks.

This, too, can be a matter of opinion. However, in the opinion of the writer and others who have actually gotten a good look at the Buick Enclave, this SUV is sleek and sharp-looking. It is a classy, luxurious-looking [search label="SUV" items="Best SUVs|Chevy Equinox|Buick Encore|Buick Enclave"] that definitely does not look like it is only made for the retirement community set.


Myth Buick Enclaves don't have the best safety ratings.

This is certainly not true. The Enclave has many available safety features like forward collision warning, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring and a lane departure warning alert. It even has headlights that turn as you turn the corner to help you see where you are going. The NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, gave the Enclave five out of five stars in crash tests for side and front impacts. It got four stars on the rollover crash test. The IIHS, or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, gave the Enclave a "Good" rating, which is the highest score it can get, on four tests out of five.

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