The Best New Midsize Trucks

Nowadays midsize trucks have made a comeback. People are once again beginning to appreciate their practicality as a means of transport. These fantastic vehicles poses a great degree of power, making them an excellent choice for a variety of purposes. From transporting heavy objects to navigating in difficult terrain, there are few obstacles that these beasts cannot overcome. Their durability combined with a comfortable passenger experience make midsized trucks a favorite for many.


Is it better to purchase or lease my midsized truck?

When it comes to purchasing or leasing your new truck, you should carefully consider some of the following factors. First, you might be better buying your truck if you want to customize it. If you plan on driving more than 15,000 miles per year, you should also opt for buying. If you want to have the freedom of trading in your vehicle in less than two years, buying is the way to go. Regarding the option of leasing your car, it is recommended to do so if you prefer changing your vehicle every two to three years. It’s also optimal for those who would rather not make a large down payment on their car.


What kind of gas mileage can I expect from a midsize truck?

Midsized trucks aren’t known for their extreme fuel efficiency. That doesn’t come as a surprise: these vehicles consume moderate to high amounts of fuel to power their engines, which deliver their speed and power. However, with the recent advances in fuel-saving technology, many midsize trucks on the market can offer great gas mileage rates when compared to traditional vehicles. With the appearance of hybrid fuel options, you can travel more for less. The Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid for example offers 20 miles per hour on a 332 horsepower engine.


What advantages do midsize trucks have over other vehicles?

These hefty vehicles are great because they are larger and more powerful that other cars. They have large amounts of horsepower - provided by cutting-edge engine technology - that allow them to carry considerable amounts of weight as well as tow other vehicles. Because of their sturdy build, midsize trucks can operate comfortably in a variety of environments, ranging from deserts to rugged hills. This flexibility makes them a great option especially for people who have to travel long distances.


What are some of the best new midsize trucks?

2016 has been a strong year so far for midsize trucks. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has been one of the most prominent cars released; it offers a smooth and quiet ride without sacrificing horsepower. It has a powerful 355 HP engine and reaches speeds of 100 mph. Another strong performer is the Nissan Frontier, with 152 horsepower (or 261 on the beefier version) and easily fits 5 people. Its upgraded interior also provides for a comfortable experience. Lastly, Honda’s Ridgeline is surprisingly well-received due to its unorthodox but effective design. Its unibody construction combined with its ample storage spaces gives the car added versatility.


What are the best midsize truck brands?

The midsize truck market is dominated by brands such as Ford, Ram and Chevrolet. Ford is known for making some of the sturdiest and most reliable midsize trucks. They introduce innovations such as weight-saving aluminum panels and increased horsepower. For its part, Chevrolet makes high-quality midsize trucks for the high-end market. This is made clear based on their use of noise-reducing materials and lavish interior coatings. Ram is also a frequent name on the midsize market. Known for their overall decent trucks, they are consistent both in power and design.

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