2019 Toyota Rav4

The Toyota RAV4 is entering its fifth generation in 2019. The changes made to the RAV4 for this new milestone are significant. Toyota upgraded the body, the interior, and even the powertrain. It has a new, sleek, lean-looking, aerodynamic body. Furthermore, the interior is more luxurious with high-quality finishes. The wheelbase is larger, and the unibody chassis is less flexible. Toyota even managed to raise the height of the RAV4 by over 1/2 inch without making it less aerodynamic. Here are the answers to questions you may have about the 2019 RAV4.


What changes did Toyota make to the 2019 RAV4?

Toyota made lots of changes, right down to the heart of the [search label="RAV4" items="Honda|Toyota|Hyundai|Kia"]. They put a new 2.5-L inline-four engine under the hood. According to Jack Hollis, Toyota's General Manager, the new engine should produce 15 percent more horsepower than 2018 models. That means the new 2.5-L engine should make about 202 hp. This new engine is paired with an equally new eight-speed automatic transmission. The 2019 RAV4 is built on the TNGA or Toyota New Global Architecture platform. Toyota claims the new unibody chassis is 57% more rigid than the 2018 RAV4's. The wheelbase is now 105.9 inches long. That's 1.2 inches longer than the 2018 model. It is also nearly 1/2 inch wider. The length of the body, however, is shorter by nearly 1/4 inch. The new RAV4 also has over 1/2 inch more ground clearance. The front looks much wider with the front air intakes spaced farther apart, a larger more prominent, upright grille and rounded fenders. It has a more sleek, masculine appearance. The new RAV4 also has a floating roof design that resembles the Jeep Compass. Toyota added a new safety feature to the suite of features included in the RAV4 called Lane Tracing Assist. This is a self-steering feature that helps the driver stay between the lines.


Is there a RAV4 hybrid?

Yes, there is, and it has been completely overhauled, too. The 2019 RAV4 [search label=“hybrid” items=“Prius|Volt|Tesla|Kona”] will be powered by the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) II. It includes the same Dynamic Force 2.5-L inline four-cylinder engine along with an electric motor. Mileage figures haven't been announced just yet.


Will the new RAV4 get good gas mileage?

The EPA hasn't announced any mileage figures. 2018 RAV4's got 22 to 23 mpg in the city and 28 to 30 mpg on the highway. It should be safe to assume that the 2019 models will do at least as well or better.


How many trims will be available in the 2019 RAV4?

There are expected to be five trims available for the gas-powered RAV4 and four for the RAV4 hybrid. Only the Limited and Adventure trims have been confirmed for the gas-powered RAV4. The other trims will most likely be the SE, XSE and either the Platinum or XLE. The only trim confirmed for the hybrid is the XSE. The other three trims will likely be the SE, LE and either the XLE or Limited. It has been confirmed that the RAV4 Adventure trim has a white floating roof as well as orange interior accents and stitching.


Is the new RAV4 an all-wheel drive SUV?

The 2019 RAV4 comes with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It is actually a [search label="CUV" items="SUV|CUV|Jeep|Truck"], due to its car-like unibody construction. SUV's have a separate frame like a truck. There will be two different all-wheel-drive systems available for the 2019 RAV4. The more expensive system, available only on the Adventure and Limited trims, comes with rear-axle torque vectoring. What that means is that it can send more torque and power to the outside rear wheel for better cornering. It also can shift power away from the rear wheels which reduces drag while driving on the highway. That improves fuel efficiency during highway driving. Both available AWD systems include Toyota's Multi-Terrain Select feature. This feature has settings for optimal engine and traction control on less than ideal road conditions like snow, sand or mud.


Will the all-new RAV4 have a much higher price?

Prices haven't been announced yet; however, they aren't expected to go up much. New 2018 models have a suggested MSRP of $24,510 to $36,250.


How much cubic feet of cargo space is there in the new RAV4?

Toyota hasn't revealed all the numbers, but it should be about the same as the 2018 RAV4. If so, it will be among the roomiest CUVs on the market. The 2018 RAV4 has 38.4 cubic feet of cargo room behind the back seat and 73.4 cubic feet with the back seat folded flat.


Does the new RAV4 come with Toyota Safety Sense?

The 2019 RAV4 does come equipped with TSS 2.0. It is standard on all trim levels. Automated emergency braking, automatic high beams, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and Lane Tracing Assist are included. Front and rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring are available.


What type of infotainment system will the new RAV4 have?

The 2019 RAV4 will come equipped with Toyota's Entune 3.0 software and a 7-inch touchscreen. A Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay integration, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth connectivity and at least one USB port are also included. Available upgrades include an 8-inch touch-screen, navigation, satellite radio, a wireless Qi phone charger, an 800-watt JBL sound system, and up to five USB ports.

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