2019 Jeep Cherokee Review

The appearance of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee isn’t what anyone would think of as surprisingly fresh or bold. In fact, it’s been toned down a bit. Fortunately, the new engine option is worth writing home about. Also, the new trim level and a couple of other upgrades are very nice. The Cherokee isn’t one of the greatest CUVs on the road, but it has some great qualities. The interior is excellent for its class, the improved infotainment system is easy to use, and it excels in off-road environments. Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have about the new and improved Jeep Cherokee.


What did Jeep change on the 2019 Cherokee?

A nice upgrade to the infotainment system is at the top of the list. A seven-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto now come standard. A new, more powerful engine option has also been added for 2019. The exterior has been given a more understated look with fewer lights on the front, upgraded taillights and a license plate move from the bumper to the liftgate. There is also a new hands-free liftgate option and a new trim.


Are there any new trim levels expected for the 2019 Cherokee?

Yes. A new Trailhawk Elite trim level has been added for 2019. It is basically a more luxurious Trailhawk. It has all of the off-road capabilities of the Trailhawk along with seats that are ventilated and heated and power-adjustable front seats. This new trim brings the total available options to six. The other five are the Latitude, Latitude Plus, Limited, Overland, and Trailhawk.


Will the 2019 Cherokee be much more expensive than the 2018?

That depends on the trim. The price on the Latitude actually went down. MSRP for a 2018 Cherokee Latitude is $24,395 while the starting MSRP for the 2019 Cherokee Latitude is $23,995. A 2018 Trailhawk has a starting price of $30,995 while the 2019 Trailhawk starts at $33,320. The price on a 2019 Trailhawk Elite starts at $36,315. The 2018 Cherokee Overland has a starting MSRP of $37,340. The 2019 Overland starts out at $39,480.


What’s the standard engine in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee?

The FWD Latitude, Latitude Plus, and Limited models come with the 2.4-L I4 Multi-Air Engine, although the 3.2-L V6 24-Valve VVT engine is an available option for those trims. The 3.2-L V6 comes standard in the FWD Overland, 4x4 Trailhawk, 4x4 Limited, 4x4 Trailhawk Elite and 4x4 Overland. The new 2.0-L I4 DOHC Di Turbo engine is an available option for the FWD Latitude Plus, Limited and Overland and all 4x4 trims except the Latitude.


Will the new 2019 Cherokee have an upgraded infotainment system?

The Latitude comes standard with the new larger touchscreen with pinch-and-zoom abilities as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also comes with a USB port, six-speaker stereo system, and a rearview camera. The Latitude Plus comes with all that and satellite radio as well as additional USB ports. The higher trims get an eight-inch touchscreen. The Overland, Trailhawk and Trailhawk Elite trims get a nine-speaker Alpine Premium stereo with a navigation system.


Does the 2019 Jeep Cherokee come with any standard safety systems?

All 2019 Cherokee trims come with All-Speed Traction Control, Hill Start Assist, parking sensors and a rearview camera. More advanced safety systems are available options on the upper trim levels. LaneSense Lane Departure Warning and Full Speed Collision Warning with Crash Mitigation are available options on higher trims. Blind-Spot and Cross-Path Detection comes standard on higher trims and is an available option on the Latitude Plus.


Is there plenty of room for five people to sit comfortably in the 2019 Cherokee?

There is plenty of room in the front seat for adults, and the seats are very supportive and comfortable to ride in. The back seats have plenty of legroom; however, there isn’t very much headroom in all but the lowest trim. There are two full sets of LATCH car-seat connectors in the back seat. An upper tether and lower anchor are positioned in the middle.


How much room is there in the 2019 Cherokee for cargo in the back?

The 2019 Cherokee has more cargo space than the 2018 model. With the seats in place there is 25.8 cubic feet of cargo space. With the back seat folded down there is 54.7 cubic feet of room. There is also a compartment beneath the cargo area floor.


When will the 2019 Jeep Cherokee be available?

The 2019 Cherokee is available now. You can lease a 2019 4x4 Cherokee Trailhawk for $279 a month for two years with $2,604 due at signing.


Are there better five-passenger SUV’s than the 2019 Cherokee?

Yes, there are. The 2019 Cherokee doesn’t get great mileage for its class. It only gets 18 to 23 mpg in the city and 24 to 31 mpg on the highway. It also doesn’t have the most cargo space, even with the additional three cubic feet. The 2018 Honda CR-V has just over 39 cubic feet behind the back seat and 75.8 cubic feet with the back seats folded down. It also gets better mileage with 25 to 28 mpg in the city and 31 to 34 mpg on the highway. Prices for the CR-V are comparable to the 2019 Cherokee. The 2018 Ford Escape is also a little better than the 2019 Cherokee. It has 34 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seat and almost 70 cubic feet with the back seats folded down. It gets 20 to 23 mpg in the city and 27 to 30 mpg on the highway. The 2018 Escape costs a little less than the 2019 Cherokee and 2018 CR-V.

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