All-New & Stunning Infiniti QX50

Do you regularly encounter traffic as you commute to work? Or are you just the kind of driver who loves surprises? We come bearing good news for you all; the 2019 Infiniti QX50 is here! The manufacturer has made some bold steps on this one, and it almost seems divine. From the stance of this soulful crossover to the crazy compression ratios, the cutaway of this car is just mesmerizing. One thing - demand - fueled the rework on this stylish crossover. Infiniti responded to what we asked for by doing an aggressive piece that is pretty much brand new. We are talking new interior, a new powertrain, and a different platform altogether. Not only does this hotrod break new ground in the automobile world, but it also replicates a successful recipe in the making of a winner. One short look at this crossover and you can already tell that it is itching to release its wild side, it's like The Rock hiding behind Taylor Swift's face. The new QX50 does not only offer a new way of driving; it presents much more; a new way of living, a new way of exploring the world. Let's explore.


What's new?

The new engine under this Infiniti's hood is like what most of its competitors have going on, a turbocharged inline-four. That's where the similarities end, then we have an engine that is capable of changing its compression ratio! This becomes a first in production cars, and it is aimed at improving the engine's efficiency.


What makes it stand out?

VC-Turbo, which stands for Variable Compression Turbocharged. This is basically a type of engine that can change how far up the pistons rise in the cylinder. This is made possible by a computer-controlled arm that moves a joint between the connecting rods and the crankshaft. The result is just magical; a change of compression ratios from 8.0.1 to a whopping 14.0.1. Here is a crossover that produces enough ponies to mess with a V6 and consumes as much fuel as a hybrid.


What tech features does it have?

The new QX50 is an impressive display of new automotive engineering that is a big deal not only to the brand but the entire motoring industry. Infiniti is now looking to let drivers choose when to drive. ProPilot Assist is a suite that enhances your driving experience with Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control and Distance Control Assist. Steering Assist recognizes the lane markings on the road and helps maintain the QX50 in the center of the lane and even steers it around corners.

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Is it powerful?

How about we bring forth the numbers and let you be the judge? The proof is in the pudding after all, isn't it? Peak output is 268 horses and 280 lb-ft of torque. The special thing is that all this is achieved at relatively low revs, 5,600 rpm for the horsepower to be precise and 1600-4800 rpm for the torque.


How much does it cost?

To own this piece of technological brilliance, you will be required to part with some $40,000 for the base pure trim with front-wheel-drive. To get the fully loaded QX50, you might have you dig deeper into your pockets as it exceeds the $60,000 mark. This might seem a bit too high for an engine that is literally getting road tested by the buyers for the first time. But do you think that will be factored in when this awesome ride promises luxury, safety, opulence and adorable styling? We don't think so.

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