The Jaw-Dropping Ford EcoSport

The 2019 EcoSport is Ford's smallest crossover SUV. Even so, it has above-average cargo space for its class, a consistently roomy interior for passengers front and back, great infotainment features and all-wheel drive available on any trim level. The turbo-3 engine might not be able to easily haul all that the EcoSport can hold, though, so consider the inline-4 for family outings and group trips. Crossover shoppers who are used to finding advanced safety technologies on the SUVs they are considering will be surprised to find that the EcoSport is somewhat limited in this area. U.S. configuration options may vary from versions of this vehicle which are sold around the world.


As yet another crossover in a crowded field and the smallest of Ford's six models, how is the 2019 Ford EcoSport positioned to appeal to buyers?

Ford has fine-tuned the price and features for this model to make the EcoSport accessible to younger customers starting with available all-wheel drive and a serviceable four-cylinder engine with decent fuel economy which are available at every trim level. Ford also offers their top-notch Sync 3 infotainment system with satellite radio plus Android and Apple interfaces. The EcoSport may be small, but tall friends won't complain if they sit in back where there's a surprising amount of room.


What powertrain options does the 2019 Ford EcoSport offer?

The base powertrain includes front-wheel drive and a turbo-3 engine which supplies the pep for grocery trips, runs to the dog park and couples' excursions. The AWD, inline-4 matchup is a better choice for decent performance during fully-occupied driving. Both engines have a six-speed automatic transmission.


Does the infotainment system provide an enjoyable road trip experience?

Reviewers have noted that the Sync 3 and Bang Olufsen combination offered on higher trim levels is a bit above what would be expected for this model, which will make time on the road more enjoyable. Sync 3 is a well-designed and responsive infotainment system with plenty of audio options, and BO sound is a quality offering.


What's the interior like?

The interior is surprisingly roomy, making the EcoSport a great way for groups to get around. It's not luxuruious, though, with lots of plastic and lower-quality materials. Reviewers note that, aside from an overly deep dash, the interior is well organized and accessible.


What kinds of active safety features does the EcoSport offer?

Blind spot monitors are available, but none of the commonly available advanced features such as adaptive cruise control are offered, and even automatic emergency braking is missing. There is a rear-view camera available.


How are the ride and the handling? Is there any off-road potential?

Test drive reviews have noted a tendency to wander relative to the crown of the road and, as with many AWD vehicles, the EcoSport's design doesn't really support the clearance, tires, and wheels for off-road exploring. In fact, the AWD system is a fairly basic front-to-back transfer one which is helpful, but not sophisticated enough to enhance the driving experience significantly. The EcoSport does ride well in city and highway driving.


How's the cargo space and access? Is there a roof rack?

Multiple productions and option roof rack choices are available, and there are 20.9 cu ft of space to start; 50 cu ft with seats folded. Rather than offering a standard lifting rear hatch, for the EcoSport the approach to cargo loading is from curbside with a left-swinging rear door and a fairly high loading threshold.

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