The 2018 Toyota FT-4X Concept

The 2018 Toyota FT-4X Concept is like something out the Transformers movie; the only exception is that this time the beast comes from Japan instead of the streets of Hollywood. Over the years, the Japanese carmaker has been consistently manufacturing some of the most popular brands in the world. The company also has a reputation for coming up with some new models. And this time, they have done exactly that with the introduction of the FX-4X Concept. This crossover SUV comes with a 4-door 4-wheel drive. The company's CALTY Design Research team began by designing the rear of the car because since most consumers have their best experiences from the hatch or tailgate while they're enjoying their trips. The FT-4X is has a wheelbase of 103.9 inches, is 167.3 inches long and 63.9 inches tall.


What is the first thing I should know about the Toyota FT-4X?

Toyota wants to make this the "go to"adventure vehicle. The design is unique and if you look closely, you will notice that it is actually influenced by the discontinued FJ Cruiser and the iconic FJ4 Land Cruiser.<br>So what do the initials represents? Just as it is in other Toyota's concept cars, the FT stands for 'Future Toyota' while the 4X name is used to represent the crossover's all-wheel-drive configuration. It is very possible that the Toyota FT-4X is going to get a production version, but the manufacturer hasn't confirmed this. The Jeep Renegade will be its closest competitor if it actually gets into the market.


What about the engine?

There was no engine under the hood when this vehicle was launched at the 2017 New York Auto Show; this is because it is a concept vehicle. As it stands, there is no concrete information about the engine they will use. The only thing we know for sure is that a 4-cylinder engine could be used in the production version and it will feature an all-wheel-drive system.


So when will the Toyota FT-4X hit the market?

Nobody is certain about when Toyota will release this crossover SUV. However, it is likely to hit the market between late 2018 and early 2019. This vehicle will cost you somewhere between $25,000 and $35,000.


How can the exterior of the FT-4X be described?

Instead of the classic 'T' insignia, the front end comes with a large horizontal grille with 'Toyota' letters. The body of the FT-4X can be described as square, rugged and boxy. The concept car also features a white roof, short overhangs as well as flared front fenders. It also comes with 18-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires. The LED headlamps are quite small, and they are presented in a unique design. It is also worth noting that the vertical picture mirror on the driver`s side can be removed.


What about the interior?

This crossover SUV is expected to be versatile, functional and modern. The cabin comes with many parts which can be used for something else because they can easily be removed. For instance, door handles can be removed and used as water bottles while the interior light in the ceiling can be removed and used as a flashlight.<br><br>Other features that are available in this vehicle include a removable multimedia system in the center of the dashboard, heated and cooled storage boxes in the rear, rear seats that fold flat to provide extra cargo space as well as heated and cooled storage boxes in the rear.

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