The 2018 Nissan Armada

Popular folklores have seen most of us grow up being scared of giants. We all have that one friend. The one who will tremble and have their tiniest of hairs standing on the edge at the sight of a humongous creature. But what if you could actually own the giant? And have the ability to tap into its capabilities while you guide it around like your little poodle? Wouldn't that be awesome? This is what the new Nissan Armada hands you. You get the leash that decides where and how fast a giant in the world of SUVs goes and how fast it gets there. It doesn't matter where you live or go. The Armada conquers the Canadian frost as well as the sandy deserts of the United Arab Emirates. Those of us who have had the luxury of sitting behind the wheel of this spacecraft-like beast know that it refuses to fit in with the rest of its class. The Armada heroically breaks the mold. This being its sophomore year in production, it has broken free of its predecessor's reputation. It's no longer an enclosed pick-up truck while retaining the sturdiness of the Titan on whose platform it is built. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, let's go into the particulars of this roomy vehicle.


How can it be described?

If the first glance you took at the new Armada got you thinking "Infiniti QX80" you are certainly right. The two vehicles share the same platform and a great deal of exterior looks especially from the rear and the sides. The Armada is a double-duty SUV that brags the same luxurious interior as its Infiniti counterpart. It has enough room for eight adults and is capable of towing up to 8500 pounds. This SUV is Nissan's flagship vehicle for the American market which is notorious for its love for big body-on-frame rides. To sweeten the deal, it carries an interior that is overflowing with leather and the smoothest of rides. It allows you to have an unperturbed look at the ground it raises you so high from.


What powers it?

It is no secret that Nissan uses its 5.6 liter V8 sparingly in its large vehicles, and this happens to be one of the chosen few. Here, it is placed under the hood to get you off the zero mark in a way no V6 can match. We could say that power is what talks in the world of cars and the 390 hp V8 used here could as well be holding an entire conversation, more of a monologue actually. It produces 394 lb-ft of torque which just might turn you into a fishing enthusiast for the simple fact that you can tow a boat around with extreme ease. All this power is directed to the rear wheels or all four wheels depending on your choice of the Armada.


Which Trims are available?

The Base Armada SV starts at $47,385 and features rear-wheel drive. There are three other trims to choose from; the SL comes in next at $52,145, Platinum at a distant $60,485, and the leading Platinum Reserve which asks $63,485. An extra $2900 will get you all-wheel-drive on the trim of your choosing.


How's the safety?

There are six airbags in the 2018 Armada which include curtain airbags that offer protection to all passengers including those in the third row. All through the trims, there is the standard package that carries ABS and a rearview camera. Higher up the trims, there are blind-spot monitors, active lane control, and automatic emergency braking. These high-end safety features are available on SLs, but the SV misses out on the opportunity. This year's Platinum trims get a special switch-controlled rearview camera that returns live feed from the rear in real time.


How is the fuel economy?

Well, the 2018 Armada is really thirsty, which is excusable for a 600 pound SUV. The version that drives on rear wheels only gives you 14 mpg city, 19 highway and 16 combined. The four-wheelers will get 13, 18 and 15 mpg respectively which is nothing to write home about. Take comfort in the fact that it will gladly sip on regular fuel.

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