The 2018 Lincoln MKC

"Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things." Those aren't our words, and neither are they just words. Rather, they are words to live by that were once said by the great Kahlil Gibran. Quite honestly, they do have some sense of principles in them, but when it comes to the beauty of American motors, we are horrible at keeping secrets. We simply can't just find a unique piece and keep you guys in the dark. So buckle up and let's see you on the other end of this thrilling ride through the 2018 Ford Escape-based crossover, the 2018 Lincoln MKC.


What's new in the 2018 Lincoln MKC?

Looking at the 2018 car, it is clear that the exterior has undergone some minor modifications, and so has the interior. The grille accounts for a big chunk of the exterior changes with the transformation from the traditional winged design to a more compact meshed single item design which oozes more sleekness. The Lincoln logo right in the middle of the grille naturally makes the design even cooler. Available standard features in the 2018 MKC include a rearview camera, electric power steering, front and rear sensors, luxury cruise control and destination guidance.


What are the trim levels of the 2018 MKC?

The 2018 MKC comes in Premiere, Select, Reserve and Black Label trim levels. What they refer to as base models are actually not all that basic, they have some of the best features on them. Leather upholstery, keyless ignition, power adjustable heated front seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an 8-inch touchscreen for your infotainment needs and a dual-zone climatic control as part of the package.


How much does the MKC cost?

The MKC Premiere starts at $32,720 for a package that includes a 2.0-liter engine, heated power mirrors, pushbutton start and shift, power liftgate, nine-speaker audio, satellite radio, HID headlights, SYNC 3 and 18-inch alloy wheels.? <br>MKC Select which goes for $35,720 is available with leather seats power-folding mirrors, LED configurable daytime running lights, ambient lighting, a universal garage door opener and a cargo cover. Next is the MKC Reserve which goes for $39,485. It features a panoramic sunroof, navigation, hands-free power liftgate, heated/cooled front seats, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, an embedded modem and a 110-volt outlet.? The Black Label which starts at $45,475 comes with three interior themes to choose from.


How does the 2018 MKC perform?

The MKC handles smoothly and quietly in a way that brings out the SUV characteristics its engineers had in mind. It handles confidently and scores well right from the base car. It offers a composed ride and continues to score even higher with the turbocharged engines. You might find the turbocharger sleeping on the job sometimes, but that is all part of the design. The 2.3 liter feels a tad bit overpowered and it is capable of taking the MKC from 0-60 mph in under 7 seconds.


How comfortable is the MKC?

The 2018 MKC is, by all means, a luxury car right from the moment you get on the seat. It is adorned with a wide range of quality materials, including wood accents within the cabin and active noise cancellation system to keep the cabin quiet. One drawback is the fact that rear seat passengers may feel the need for more leg and head room.


Which trim of the MKC do we recommend?

The MKC select makes a good case for itself as compared to the other trims. It is well packed with tech features; it gives convenience and comfort while keeping the price reasonable. In addition to this, it is the first available trim with an optional adaptive suspension. However, if you want more advanced driver assist systems, you will have to go for the higher priced Reserve or Black Label trims.<br>

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