Fastest cars for under $30k for 2018

Car manufacturers understand the demand for affordable vehicles that deliver good power and speed. With each passing year, we are getting new members to the club of fast cars under $30,000 club. Allow us to bring you up to speed on the latest developments of 2018.

GM Electric Sports Car

GM has begun the arduous task of cranking out a slew of new electric vehicles. One of them is going to be a high-powered electric sports car.

The 2018 Ford GT

The 2018 Ford GT is a big, bad and brave supercar that roars like a lion, making other vehicles look like small cats.  I know a friend of mine who says, “I wish I could get a race car that I can use in the city!” Well, if you’re like my friend, then Ford has you...

The 2018 Honda S660

The 2018 Honda S660 is here to make a statement to all the petrol heads out there; it certainly has more juice, and it will leave you wanting to sip some more from its fountain of awesomeness. You must be wondering what we’re talking about, well; we are referring to its...

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