The Stunning 2019 Aston Martin Vantage

The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage looks like it was chiseled by the Greek gods. You would be forgiven for mistaking it for Kim Kardashian because every curve is in the right place. The new Vantage is aiming to take the throne of the Porsche 911. It is very British, and it, therefore, isn’t surprising that it offers the perfect balance of David Beckham looks and raw performance.


How does it compare against the Porsche 911?

For years, the esteemed Porsche 911 has been the best-seller in the segment. However, the new Vantage has come of age, and we have a feeling that it might be 2019’s "most valuable player." The new British car is winning like Lewis Hamilton; it has an interior with more premium craftsmanship and materials. The Vantage also offers better performance than the 911. The subjective driving dynamics of these vehicles are very different. The Porsche feels more agile and smaller, and this is because it is hundreds of pounds lighter. The nose comes with a lot less weight. However, the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage is more rewarding because of its enjoyable drive. Unlike the 911, the new Vantage is for sliding and playing around. We agree with the company’s claim that this is their most engaging vehicle ever. A new good problem arises for the buyers of the 911; they’ll be asking, what if I choose a Vantage instead?


What does it offer in terms of performance?

The new Vantage has a 503 hp twin-turbocharged V8 engine that has a capacity of 4.0 liters. It offers 505 lb-ft of torque. The standard engine comes from the Mercedes-AMG. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission that is standard. It only needs 3.5 seconds to hit 60 mph. It can hit more than 195 mph when the road is long enough. The vehicle can stop quickly thanks to its sticky custom-compound tires, 20-inch wheels and big multi-piston steel brakes. It also has optional carbon-ceramic brakes.


How much?

We think that it is reasonably priced. It will cost you $150,000. If you think that is too much cash for a car, then you should probably sit down and grab some popcorn. This sports car has earned that price tag thanks to its incredible performance, aesthetics and the “big” name of the Aston Martin brand. Some rivals might be a little faster or have a lower price tag, but we can assure you that no other sports car pulls more crowds than the new Vantage. And, it offers better performance than all like-priced competitors. This sports car will be selling faster than weed in Canada. You blink, you miss. We would advise all the rich folks to rush to the showrooms.


What are the highs and lows of this vehicle?

The new Vantage boasts of having finely honed dynamics, personalized optional features, outstanding acceleration, a super-model body, and aggressive styling. There aren’t too many bad things to say about it, but we don’t like that it has only one transmission and a few functional options.


What about the interior?

Full-size Americans can fit inside although it is a two-seater. The interior has said goodbye to the traditional central waterfall console and flowing lines. It now has a more compact and dynamic multi-tier center stack that has HVAC controls, center vents, and a screen. The PRND switches have been arranged in a triangular manner thanks to the available triangular horizontal surface. Full leather is optional in the interior, but it has standard Alcantara and leather upholstery. It feels and looks expensive although it is somewhat busy-looking.


What do we think about its utility?

Behind the seats, it has two-tiered regions that provide in-cabin storage. These spaces can be used for storing handbags and briefcases. This vehicle offers decent storage in the segment. Up to 12.4 cubic feet will be swallowed up beneath the hatchback, in the main cargo area.


What about technology?

An 8-inch touchscreen handles the infotainment duties. Mercedes-Benz powers its bones. It offers standard USB ports, navigation, and Bluetooth.

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