The Shockingly Hot 2020 Tesla Roadster

The original Tesla Roadster completely shifted in how the world views electric cars. Anything but boxy and slow it was capable of going 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and delivered a top end of 125 mph while looking stunning. That was with 2012 technology. A lot has changed in the last eight years. The Roadster has already set records for the quickest 0-60 mph, quickest 0-100 mph, and the quickest quarter-mile ever recorded. Surprisingly, with this type of performance, it also has also almost trebled the range of the original. In fact, everything about this new car from its interior controls to the layout of its frunk and even the referral program it has attached is so cutting edge that its total effect on the industry may take some time to register.


What is a Funk?

It’s not unusual when discussing any technical field to find unfamiliar words. You have electronic-speak, chemist-speak, engineering-speak, etc. The word funk isn’t one of those cases, though. Like most cars, the Tesla has a trunk in the rear, but because it has no engine to take up space in the front, it also has a front-trunk or a "funk" as Elon Musk likes to call it.


Just how quick is the Tesla Roadster off the line?

Blink, and it will disappear. It is that kind of fast. At the time it was first tested, it set three world records for a production car of any type; 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, 0-100 miles-an-hour in 4.2 seconds, and it turned the quarter-mile in 8.8 seconds making it a true sub-9 dragster.


What is the top speed of the new Tesla Roadster?

The actual top speed of the Roadster has as yet not been released. Probably because they are still tweaking the controller circuits. What is known at this point is that it will be north of 250 mph. Just how far north we will have to wait and see.


What is the price tag on the 2020 Tesla Roadster?

If you don’t mind standing in line, you can have a Tesla Roadster for $200K. Just have $50,000 to make your reservation and a letter of credit guaranteeing the rest at delivery. If you don’t have the patience to wait, you can get one of the first 1000, designated, the Founders Series, for only $250K. All of it upfront.


Can you really get a free Tesla Roadster?

It may be possible for you to pick up a 2020 Tesla Roadster for absolutely nothing, but you have to be part of a select group and really work for it. In what has to be one of the greatest marketing schemes ever devised, Tesla has offered at least some of its current car owners a semi-sweet deal. Refer 55 buyers that actually purchase a Roadster, and they will give you one free and clear. They will even pay the taxes. Doesn’t everyone have 55 friends shopping for a $200,000 car?


What is the driving range of the Tesla Roadster?

The 2020 Tesla Roadster will come standard with a 200-kWh battery pack, which will supposedly give it up to a 620-mile driving range. This is, of course, based on the idea that people will soft-pedal it as much as possible. After all, people buy electric cars for the environment, not performance right.


How much power does a Tesla Roadster have?

The amount of power available in a Tesla Roadster depends on your definition of the word power. Electrically it is powered by a newly developed 200-kWh battery pack. In terms of torque to the road, the number is an insane 7,376 pound-feet or 10,000 Nm. The horsepower numbers are yet to be released, but based on the motor ratings of Tesla’s other cars and knowing this one will be a three-motor AWD configuration, we suspect it will fall in the neighborhood of 1,000+ hp.


Is there anything special about the 2020 Roadster’s body?

Compared to other sports cars, there is nothing really shocking in terms of the materials used in the Roadster’s body. What does set it apart, is two things. One, it is a Targa type convertible. It comes with a clear roof that can be removed and stored in the trunk and two; it has active aerodynamics that deploy to help hold the car on the road at high speeds.


What is the Tesla Roadster’s Interior like?

The 2020 Tesla Roadster is beautiful on the outside, but the interior is a Gene Roddenberry wet dream. In typical Tesla fashion switches, buttons and knobs are kept to a minimum. Instead, just about every feature of the car is displayed and controlled on the very large touch-screen that runs from the dash to the center console. The steering wheel looks more like the yoke from an aircraft, but most surprisingly, it is a true 2+2 four-seater. Yes, it actually has back seats.

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