The 2019 Nissan 370Z

The 2019 Nissan 370Z has been around for 11 model years and hasn’t changed a lot. The 2019 version remains largely unchanged. We don’t like the fact that it’s pretty much the same car that was released in 2009 but we have to give the devil his due. It has a reasonable starting price of $30,000, and it also offers a great handling. These virtues make it perhaps the best sports car that offers value for money. The 370Z is in good company since it can offer refinement and performance that competes with rivals like the great Porsche Cayman. It comes with three trim levels Sport Touring, Sport and base. It also has a performance model called Nismo; this amped-up model is like “Hulk on steroids.”


What’s new?

The interior and exterior of this car have remained pretty much the same, but there are some minor changes in the 2019 model. At first glance, you will notice the new paint colors. Deep Blue Pearl and Pearl White are the new colors that come in the “Heritage Edition” package. The colors are offered with corresponding decals, yellow interior trim and black outside mirrors. There is no manual transmission option for the 370Z Roadster in 2019. You’ll also notice that the trim levels have been consolidated and shuffled.


What are the pros and cons of the 370Z?

Well, you are going to fall in love with its thrilling driving experience, great power-to-weight ratio, good manual transmission and iconic looks. You might be bored to find out that it can only carry two people, it has rough engine noises, and it has a cramped cargo room. It also doesn’t help that the car has remained the same for all these years. I mean….even the good old queen has gotten old, and her wrinkles don’t look any nicer than the ordinary folks.


What kind of performance should I expect?

The engine of this vehicle is a 332 hp V-6 with a capacity of 3.7 liters; it delivers 270 lb-ft of torque. You will get 350 horsepower and 276 lb-ft if you go with the NISMO trim. The rear wheels of the coupes can be driven with either the seven-speed automatic driving or six-speed manual. The automatic adds paddle shifters in the Sport Touring and Sport trims. You’ll get 18/26 mpg city/highway for the coupe’s manual versions and 19/26 mpg for the automatic examples. On the other hand, you’ll get 18/25 mpg for Roadsters with the automatic.


Which technological features does it offer?

The base model doesn’t come with a lot of technological features; the most notable feature is an AM/FM/CD audio system that has six speakers. The Sport Touring and Sport trims are offered with a two-subwoofer Bose system that has six speakers; it comes with active noise cancellation. You will get a SiriusXM satellite radio, 7.0-inch touchscreen, DVD video playback, a navigation system and Bluetooth audio streaming in the Sport-Touring models.


How safe is it?

The 2019 Nissan 370Z is yet to be rated by the major ratings agencies. They also didn’t rate the 2018 version. We don’t think it has a high score because it lags behind its classmates who offer more advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control. It finally has a standard rearview camera, but it lacks Blind-spot monitors.


Which are the main rivals?

The 2019 Nissan 370Z will be going head to head with the Subaru BRZ, BMW 2 Series, Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro.


How do we rate it?

The truth is that the 370Z has maintained its good attributes; it’s decently engaging and quick. However, it is obviously dated because of poor investment in other areas. There are plenty of nice things to say about it, but it has lost it crown as the torch-bearer it used to be. Its kinda like Britney Spears, she still has a big name, but she is no longer the queen of pop.

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