The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette

The new Chevrolet Corvette still has a lot to offer despite being a member of the seventh-generation. It is also known as the C7 generation. Apart from being a good performer, we love that it has beautiful looks which might leave your jaw on the ground. We had started seeing some signs of aging in the C7 generation; for instance, it lacked active safety features and driver aids. However, we are happy that the 2019 model year has shown its youthfulness by introducing the new Corvette ZR1. This supercar slayer has an amazing steering wheel and seat which delivers great communication to the driver. It also boasts of quick reflexes just like Steph Curry. In addition to this, it has an amazing grip and astonishing acceleration that might leave you thinking that you’ve just seen Usain Bolt in full speed. Even the most superior German twin-clutch automatics can’t beat the new Corvette's automatic transmission.


Does the new Corvette come with anything new?

In 2019, Chevy has decided to spoil us with our most lustful fantasies. Behold, the new Corvette ZR1. The Corvette Z06 is outrageous, but the ZR1 is even more potent! It is also more powerful, and just like the ZR1, it remains supercharged. The new ZR1 will deliver an astonishing 755 horsepower thanks to its reworked supercharged V8 engine. A hole that is as big as Goliath had to be cut in the hood so that the supercharger could fit in. To acquire the ZR1, you will have to spend a whopping $130,000! Before you can gulp a glass of water from the shock of this figure, we would advise you to take a seat so that we can tell you the good news. The ZR1 is for crazy petrolheads and people with money to blow, and that’s why Chevy will still offer the much cheaper 455-hp and 650-hp Z06 models.


What are the pros and cons of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette?

We love that it beats other sports cars with its comfortable ride quality which feels like a magical night with Angelina Jolie. The cargo space of the coupe is quite spacious, and it offers value for money with its unbeatable performance. However, some competitors have better interior quality, and it lacks some updated driver safety aids.


Which trims are available?

This two-seat sports car is offered as a convertible or coupe. The convertible has a soft top that is power operated while the coupe’s top stows in the trunk thanks to its removable roof panel. The Grand Sport and Stingray are offered in various subtrims: 3LT 2LT and 1LT. The ZR1 is offered in two subtrims: 3ZR and the 1ZR. On the other hand, the Z06 has three subtrims; they include 3LZ su, the 1LZ, and 2LZ.A 6.2-liter V8 engine is offered by the Chevy Grand Sport, Z51 and the Stingray. This engine offers 455 hp and 460 pound-feet of torque. They can also be boosted to 460 horsepower with the available performance exhaust.  You also get an optional eight-speed automatic, and a standard seven-speed manual transmission that comes with rev-matched downshifts that are automated.


Which trim do we recommend?

The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette offers many trim levels and sub-trims, but we feel that the Grand Sport 2LT takes the cake. You will have a lot of fun with its 460 horsepower engine. This Corvette shows a lot of improvement with its auto-dimming side mirror, front-view camera, ventilated seats, and head-up display. This Corvette performs brilliantly in almost all situations thanks to its numerous performance upgrades like its impressive adaptive suspension.


What is our verdict about the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette?

This car gets as much attention as Kylie Jenner does on Instagram. Expect many compliments and a lot of stares. It is gorgeous, comfortable and very fast. We also love the sound of its V8 engine. It is fun to drive and yet it remains powerful. It is a good ambassador of American performance, proudly carrying its homegrown heritage.

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