The 2019 Aston Martin DB11

The DB11 boasts of being Aston Martin’s most efficient and powerful DB production model we have ever seen. It comes with a V8 twin-turbocharged engine with a capacity of 4.0 liters. Or as a Coupe with a V12 twin-turbocharged engine with a capacity of 5.2 liters. This outstanding grand tourer sets the pace for a new upcoming generation. The DB11 Volante is an option that comes with an open-topped GT experience that will allow you to reach unprecedented heights.   The new flagship option is the DB11 AMR. It delivers enhanced driving dynamics, greater power, a characteristic exhaust note as well as increased performance. If the DB11 were an animal, then it would definitely be a racing horse because of its well-toned muscles, and it is also easy on the eyes.


What makes the DB11 special?

“Am bringing sexy back….yeah… “ This car reminds me of that Justin Timberlake song because it looks something like 20 supermodels combined. The DB11 stands out for its adaptability and strength. The DB11 comes with an upgraded steering, chassis, electronics and suspension. These upgrades help it to deliver a great performance they dig into its inner strength. The car’s adaptability is enhanced by a re-worked suspension that comes with multiple driver-selectable dynamics and adaptive damping.


What does the manufacturer say about it?

According to the manufacturer of this vehicle, the DB11 went for more power and the world-famous GT performance to improve your driving experience. It is meant for stylish people who want to travel comfortably and quickly. Aston also said that the new improvements will maintain maturity. According to Dr. Andy Palmer, the Aston President and CEO, the DB11 AMR is more precise and much faster thanks to its styling and performance upgrades; it delivers 208 mph! He said that they wanted to unleash the sporting potential of the V12 with the outstanding Volante and V8 Coupe – all these while still maintaining the consummate GT.


How does it perform?

Have you ever watched Jason Statham’s The Transporter? Well, they should use the DB11 in the next movie because it can move from New York to Philadelphia faster than you can say “how.” This is a traditional Aston Martin vehicle because it represents the perfect blend of the looks of a peacock and the strength of an ox. The V8 delivers 503 hp while the V-12 delivers 600 or 630 hp. It takes 3.6 seconds for the V-12 to move from zero to 60 mph. You will also notice that the DB11 has agile handling; this is thanks to its torque-vectoring system, lightweight structure, and a stiff chassis.


What is the history behind it?

The DB11 came as a replacement of the highly-celebrated DB9; it was introduced during the Geneva International Motor Show in 2016. It came with an in-house twin-turbo V-12 engine with a capacity of 5.2 liters and a Mercedes-AMG V-8 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine. It quickly dominated the luxury grand tourer performance section. Now, the manufacturer is introducing an even faster AMR; it delivers aesthetic upgrades, sharper handling, and more power.


Should I buy it?

The DB11 reminds me of a Coca-cola bottle because it has curves for days! If you’re looking for a car that will eat up the miles and turn some heads, then this is the car you’re looking for. It is meant for go-faster folks and people who are convinced that James Bond is their elder brother.

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