GM Electric Sports Car

GM CEO Mary Barra announced that GM intends to manufacture at least 20 brand new electric vehicles within the next six years.  This announcement took place at the Barclay's Global Automotive Conference in November 2017. A photograph was attached to the electronic announcement of these plans. It features a row of prototypes with detail-concealing covers draped over them. The mysterious silhouettes appear to be sedans, CUV's and maybe a hatchback or two, except for one particularly intriguing outline. It has the undeniable shape of a low-slung, sporty coupe. Could it be a Corvette or is it a Camaro or maybe something completely new? Maybe a new Cadillac sport car? GM ain't tellin'. Not yet, anyway. Here are the best answers we could find to your questions about this new, mysterious GM electric sports car.


What is the GXE Corvette?

The GXE Corvette is a Corvette with an electric motor; however, it isn't manufactured by Chevrolet. Genovation Cars takes a Chevy Corvette and modifies it to create the GXE Corvette. So far they have been using the C6 Corvette, but they will be modifying C7's. If you want a GXE Corvette, you need to buy a C7 Corvette Grand Sport and take it to the Prefix Corporation in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Contact Genovation before you buy your C7, though. They will let you know what options you should and shouldn't get on your C7 when you buy it. You don't have to buy a brand new one. Genovation will make the modifications to a "gently used" Corvette if you prefer. Oh, and you'll also have to be prepared to spend $750,000.<br><br>Your C7 Corvette will get a new front and rear fascia, GXE badges, custom exterior paint, different trim in the interior, DSC Sport adjustable coil-over shock units, a dedicated CAN bus and bespoke instrumentation. Genovation also installs a Harman ultra-high-fidelity sound system with 4GLTE Wi-Fi and Navigation.<br><br>The most notable change will be the removal of the gas engine and installation of two electric motors and a 61-kW-per-hour battery pack. It is an 800-hp set-up that Genovation says propels the Corvette at a speed of up to 220 mph. Genovation plans to create 75 GXE Corvettes. <br>


What is the Chevrolet Jolt?

There is no Chevy Jolt. That was a hoax perpetrated by an electric-car advocate who was attempting to generate a buzz and more demand for eco-friendly cars. The perpetrator, Matt Teske, is an automobile industry branding consultant.


Is the new GM electric sports car going to be an electric Camaro?

Based on the shape under the sheet, it could be a Camaro. It has a long, sloping hood and pronounced rear wheel-wells. There is one resounding factor that makes an electric Camaro unlikely, though. That factor is a statement made by Al Oppenheiser, Chief Camaro Engineer, in 2016. He stated that there would not be an electric Camaro "while I have the keys to the store." He went on to say that, "It's not in the DNA. I wouldn't say 'never,' but it's not in the DNA of the Camaro. Those of us that work on the Camaro are purists; we love the original, long hood, the strong shoulders, the mantra that 'nobody needs a Camaro, they want a Camaro."


Will there be a new Cadillac electric sports car?

That is a possibility. Barra announced that there would be a new "expressive luxury low-roof" electric car included in the new group of battery-operated cars. Based on that, the new GM electric sports car could very well be a new, sporty Cadillac coupe.


Is there an all-electric-powered Corvette in the works?

There is very strong speculation that the new GM electric sports car will be a Corvette. One little fact that supports the possibility is that GM has actually gone to the trouble of copyrighting the name "Corvette E-Ray." Now, why would they bother to copyright the name unless they have plans for it and what else could the "E" stand for if not "E"lectric. <br><br>The other little tidbit that points to an electric Corvette is the mysterious shape beneath the drape in the picture that accompanied the announcement. It looks very much like the outline of a new Corvette. All things considered, we think the new GM electric sports car will be a Corvette.

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