Ford Edge ST: High Performance SUV

In this month of February 2018, Valentino Rossi turns 39 and celebrates 20 years of racing! A speedy note to start with, right? Exactly the kind of note we would use to bring something like this to your attention, the 2019 Ford Edge ST is here! This is the first performance SUV from Ford, and it is such a wonder. This mid-sized crossover features distinctive styling and speediness that beats its competition like the Portland Trail Blazers did to the overrated Golden State Warriors (I am a Lebron fan so that I can joke about them). This two-row crossover sits between the Escape and the Explorer, and it will get your pulse racing if you happen to be a speed junkie. The ST's entrance into Ford's Hall of fame makes it third to wear the manufacturer's sport label after the Focus and Fiesta. How about you jump into your Ford Edge Sport and we can take a ride together?


Why should I choose the ST?

Because as trends have it, most of us are giving up sedans for SUVs and it is likely to continue for a long time. But what we are not ready to give up is performance. What does this mean to car manufacturers? Well, anyone who can get the performance into an SUV has our attention and money. That is what the 2019 Ford Edge ST is; a crossover that is good for your family, but you can drive it aggressively when you feel like.


What's new for 2019?

2019 brings new colors on both the inside and the exterior; 4 exterior and three interior palettes. Wheels can now be picked from a set of 4 new choices like the 19-inch aluminum painted wheels. Also new is a multitude of safety and driver assist features including a post-collision braking system that stops the car from moving after a crash.


How does a regular Edge become an ST?

Ford enhances some performance features of any car before it can carry the ST badge. The braking is one of the standards, and the ST sports a seriously upgraded system. It has a bigger rear rotor size and improved cooling among other features that enhance the power to stop safely. The Edge also receives a grille that works to get in more air to cool the engine and an all-wheel-drive system that apportions torque faster in sport mode. Also important for this transformation is the addition of a stability control on/off switch. This allows the Ede ST to "wow" a bit for the thrill of performance driving.


What powers the ST?

The newly installed twin-turbo 2.7 liter V6 that makes 335 horses. It also has the Eco Boost badge. This is a 20 hp power bump from the previous engine, and it comes along with 30 lb-ft extra torque. The transmission also changes from the six-speed automatic to a standard 8-speed automatic with a rotary shifter and paddle shifters that are completely manual.


How safe is the Edge ST?

Safety has been enhanced in all models, including the ST. Scratch that, especially the ST. We now have hill start assist, blind spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning, auto high beams, and lane keep assist as standard features. The new post-collision braking system we mentioned earlier also improves the ST's safety. Another new safety feature is the evasive steering assist which helps the driver to apply just the right amount of steering to avoid a collision. This is the first time this has been installed on a non-luxury SUV. Also available is an adaptive cruise control with "stop and go" functionality which works together with lane centering to keep the crossover in its lane.

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