Tesla Model S

The 2018 Tesla Model S boasts a thrilling driving experience as it evolves into one of the quickest cars on the planet. The Model S has super hypnotic technology such as the autopilot that makes the car very autonomous. Though not entirely stunning, the 2018 Tesla Model S has a new face that is surprisingly beautiful. The lack of a visible grille exhibits a lovely designed front end that gives it a silky appeal. It has beautiful eyes; very close to being seductive by the way the LED headlights sheds light on the front. To keep things cool, a grille is underneath the attractive face.


What is new in the Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S has experienced evolutionary changes, especially in electronics and software. The Model S went through a front end revision; a design that was similar to that found on the Model X SUV with an enhanced cabin air filtering system, Autopilot semi-autonomous technology, and adaptive cruise lights.The vehicle also has updates to its powertrain which has always been undergoing several changes throughout its life cycle. Tesla decreased the entry level to 60 kWh powertrain and the 90 kWh powertrain-replaced by the current base-75 kWh powertrain and a range-topping 100kWh powertrain respectively.


What's under the hood of the Tesla Model S?

The entry-level Tesla 75D uses a 75kWh battery that powers the rear and front electric motors that produce 518 horsepower; it has an EPA rating of a range of 259 miles. The mid-level is a 1000D powered by a 100kWh battery powering front and rear electric motors with a long range of 335 miles, which is also the current longest of any electric car. The top-level P100D uses a similar battery pack to provide power for its front and rear-fixed on electric motors which produce 680 horses and 791 lb-ft pulling power with a 350-mile range. Every powertrain uses a one-speed transmission. MSRP starts at $35,000 and $50,000 once lager batteries and other options add up.


What are the charging rates of the Tesla Model S?

When using a 75kWh charger, it takes around 3 hours' time for 100-miles driving range. A 100 kWh charger takes approximately 2 hours for 100-miles driving while a Tesla supercharger takes around 1 hour for a 3000-miles driving range.


What are the standard features of the Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S comes standard with a Wi-Fi hotspot, a 17-inch attractive touchscreen with navigation, power-folding side view mirrors, 12-way power and heated front seats 2 USB ports for smartphone connectivity and charging, lighted door handles, LED fog lights, LED interior ambient lighting.A premium upgrade package comes with s HEPA air filtration system, an 11-inch speaker custom audio system, a satellite radio, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, wiper blades defrosters and washer nozzle heaters. The enhanced, improved autopilot adds three more cameras and 12 ultrasonic sonar sensors.


What are the safety features and collision tests of the Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S attained the 2nd highest acceptable score from the IIHS' overlap front crash test & a top rating (good) from the other 4-crash test evaluations (roof strength, average overlap front, seats and head restraints). The Tesla Model S automatic braking system avoided a crash in the 12 & 25 mph collision tests. The NHTSA only tested the Model S for the rollover assessment, and it attained a 5-star rating. Among the Model S features is the Collision avoidance, dynamic LED rotating headlights and automatic emergency braking system.

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