The 2018 Nissan 370 Z

Did you know that the on average 5.6 years of your life will be on the road? It's true. Traveling to and from work. Well, now you know! The entirety of these years might not be spent in your own car. That's why it's important to choose the right car when you get to that stage. When it comes to picking a car that will thrill the furious gearheads, there are a few cars that can match the versatility that is offered by the new Nissan 370 Z. If you are simply looking for a fast, impressive coupe with the venerability of Jay Z and Lewis Hamilton's impressive pedigree, you will definitely love the new Z.


What's new in the 2018 370Z?

For 2018, the experienced Z makes a return with some slight makeover from the previous car. There are new wheels, new lights and a different rear bumper in addition to the Heritage Edition option for the base models. The new Heritage Edition sports a magnetic Black or Chicane yellow paint on the outside, with the yellow cars featuring black mirror caps while the black car is decorated with silver graphics. The interior of both cars receives a yellow tint.


What trim levels are available for the 2018 370Z?

The first car in the 2018 Z lineup is the coupe which is available in four trim levels; 370Z, Sport, Sport Tech and Touring. Each trim level can be purchased as either a manual 6-speed or automatic 7-speed transmission car. The coupe, which starts at $29,990 MSRP comes with a standard 332 hp v6 engine. Next up is the Nismo which comes with a 3.7 liter DOHC V6 engine which pumps out 350 hp and 276 lb-ft of torque. There is also the choice between a seven-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmission. The Nismo starts at a $45,690. Finally, the Roadster comes with a 332 hp DOHC V6 and offers numerous features such as Bluetooth capability with a starting price of $41,820 for the Roadster 7AT.


How does a ride in the 370 Z feel like?

Ride quality is not one of the strongest areas of the 370 Z. Though the 18-inch wheels have more sidewall than the rest, it is the 19-inches that ruin the party with a ride quality we can only describe as below average. The coupes and convertibles are equipped with noise cancellation systems that do a good job at eliminating undesired engine noises. If you are an above average spirited driver, you will enjoy the way the limited-slip differential adds responsiveness to the Nismo models. The 370Z comes with comfortable, supportive front seats but is limited in its cargo space.


Which variant is the best?

Among the three variants, the coupe is our favorite for its simplicity and reasonable scale. When you put the top of the convertible down, it achieves a more aggressive look which we really like. The Nismo models have turned the heat a little bit lower with a significant drop of the body-racer bits in pursuit of a more subtle look, which is mainly for the better.


How safe is the new 370 Z?

The new Z comes loaded with four airbags; two side curtains and two more in the front. It also features head restraints and pre-stabilizing seatbelts as standard equipment. Most cars have relatively good outward driver vision, but the thick rear pillars on the coupes could make it hard to reverse due to blindspot blocking. The 370 Z lacks blindspot monitoring features but comes with a rearview camera in all models that have a touchscreen. Unfortunately, Nissan will not be offering any safety upgrade options for the 2018 Z.


How is the fuel economy?

We cannot say that the new Z is the most fuel-efficient amongst sports cars. Models with manual transmission are rated at around 20 mpg combined by the EPA; 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg highway. Compared to the Ford Mustang, this car will have you spending more bucks at the fuel pump.

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