The 2018 Honda S660

The 2018 Honda S660 is here to make a statement to all the petrol heads out there; it certainly has more juice, and it will leave you wanting to sip some more from its fountain of awesomeness. You must be wondering what we’re talking about, well; we are referring to its superb blend of elegance and sportiness. You will notice that some dimensions in the front of the S660 are very similar to the Honda Acura. Honda enthusiasts will certainly love the fact that they have a wide variety of colors to choose from. The interior has a cargo place at the back while the dashboard has many programs and a central gaming system. The overall concept uses LED technology. From nearly every viewpoint, the S660 appears excellent.


What is under the hood of the S660?

This vehicle will be powered by a turbocharged 63 hp 6-liter, 3-cylinder engine that offers 78 pound-feet of torque. This type of Honda has a small powertrain that works with several different speed guide transmissions. The engine requires adequate space to perform with significant fuel reduction, and that’s why it is centered in the middle. The buyers of this vehicle can also enjoy the benefit of a CVT option that comes with a seven-acceleration paddle-shifter that features a sports setting.


In which colors is it offered?

The manufacturers are offering the 2018 Honda S660 in several colors that include: Admiral Grey Metallic and Premium Mystic Evening Pearl. If you have money to blow like Birdman, then you can buy all of them and match the colors with your favorite t-shirts.


What is the price tag for the 2018 Honda S660?

The Japanese folks have been snatching the S660 like hot queen cakes that have just come out of the oven. The 2018 version started making impressive sales immediately after being officially launched in Japan. The starting price is $16,500 (approximately 1,980,000 Yen). It is yet to be shipped to other countries, but we expect the price to start somewhere close to $20,000.


What can be said about the interior?

The cabin is certainly sporty, and there is a large tachometer in the center of the instrument bunch. Just like a go-cart, the driving placement is good. The ambiance of the vehicle makes the driver “become one with the car.”It has a regular rear center windows portion and auto air chilling.

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