The 2018 Acura NSX Sports Car

The 2018 Acura NSX Sports Car is as sexy as Mariah Carey posing in Hollywood magazines. It will leave your eyes popping. This sports car combines a turbocharged V-6 engine with hybrid components. All this means the NSX is a supercar that can hit the track and also be a daily driver. The Acura NSX first hit the market in the 1990s as a supercar that was all about mechanical purity. The NSX made a comeback in 2017 bringing together clutches, turbos, batteries, servos, and motors to come up with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) high tech supercar which creates a driving feel instead of delivering it naturally. The 2018 Acura NSX moves into its second model year unchanged. The only other complex vehicles that were competing with the NSX were the more expensive Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 (they are both out of business).


What are the pros and cons of the 2018 Acura NSX?

The 2018 Acura NSX has many advantages, first, it is sexy as hell, has an effortless high-speed grip, a launching pad, flawless sub-3-second acceleration and plenty of technological features.<br><br>On the other hand, the road feel can be affected by the tires, in some cases it lacks a supercar cachet, it's quite costly before the carbon-fiber add-ons and the hybrid gas mileage doesn't pan out.


What is under the hood of the 2018 Acura NSX?

The 2018 Acura NSX has got power for days! The rear axle of the 2018 Acura NSX carries a turbocharged V-6 engine. An electric motor is located between the engine and the 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. The front axle also has two more electric motors. Motive power comes from the front motors; it is this power that provokes all-wheel drive and torque vectoring. The rear motor sits next to a lithium-ion battery. The total system output of the 2018 Acura NSX boasts of impressive numbers, 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque.<br>The NSX is a performer that is offered in four drive modes that include: Track, Sport+, Sport, and Quiet. This supercar is capable of a top speed of 191 mph and a time of 3.0-second 0-60 mph. The fuel economy is just OK despite the hybrid system, it reads at 21 mpg combined.


How much does it cost?<br>

The base price will be approximately $158,000, but you can spend up to $200,000 to get more options. Some of the expensive options include carbon fiber interior and exterior kits, Alcantara headliner, carbon fiber roof, a technology package and carbon-ceramic brakes.


What does the interior house?

This supercar has a seating capacity of 2 while the cabin provides a beautiful balance of technology and luxury. It has an optional carbon fiber trim, a pair of digital displays, it's covered in leather, but it comes with shift buttons that are similar to those of the Honda Pilot. Oddly, you will have to spend more for power seats though it has plenty of space for two adults. It also has parking sensors and a rearview camera.

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