Volkswagen Concept Cars

The future has assumed a definitive role at Volkswagen since more than 60 years ago. The stage it plays on is a standout amongst the most exciting and adaptable areas of the car business .. Things here never stop. Throughout the decades, R&D has been the origination of numerous groundbreaking ideas for the versatility of tomorrow, exemplified by fascinating models and design studies. The car of tomorrow - a reality today'. This is the slogan of Volkswagen's Integrated Research Department.


What did Volkswagen (IRVW) Futura offer?

The cutting-edge concept car was the star of the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in 1989. Be that as it may, it wasn't just the stupendous gullwing doors that captivated car show guests and the business media - the Futura was a fortune house of cutting-edge technology on wheels, already furnished 29 years back with capacities and features that have just recently discovered their way into the latest serial-production models.


What about the Experimental Safety Volkswagen (ESVW I)?

Another show from the Stiftung AutoMuseum is the Experimental Safety Volkswagen (ESVW I) from 1972, with which Volkswagen turned into the first European carmaker to present a research car that not only surpassed all United States safety prerequisites at the time but at the same time was splendidly appropriate for everyday use. The heart and soul of the 4.73-meter cantina were its greatly rigid, 3-zone, safety bodyshell construction idea.


Why is the Dune so special?

The Beetle was Volkswagen longest produced and probably most loved car, so it bodes well that they would bring it back as an upgraded Baja Bug. The Dune appeared at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Foregoing the rounding lines of past generations, the Dune is donning a more aggressive look with raised suspension, underbody slide plate and a ride height that has been expanded by 0.8 inches. The Dune is powered by a 210 hp, 2.0 liter I-4 engine, the same as the Beetle R-Line, which is what it's based off of. With this engine, the evaluated fuel economy would be 23/29MPG city/highway.

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Does Taigun worth a mention?

At first look, the Taigun is reminiscent of other SUV crossovers that have been flying up on the market as of late like the Subaru Crosstrek. It includes a 2.47-meter wheelbase, and the motor uses a blend of a turbocharger and direct fuel injection for a fuel utilization of 60MPG. The Taigun certainly is encapsulating some rough terrain spirt with its sideboards, roof rails, underbody protection, and high ground leeway. However, it's not known whether there is a 4WD option.


Shouldn't we talk about W12 Syncro?

You may be astonished to learn this, yet the Bugatti Veyron was modeled from a Volkswagen supercar. There was a Volkswagen supercar before; there was also the W12 Syncro Concept that appeared at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show donning a 5.6-liter W12 engine with 414 horsepower. Penned by Italdesign, the W12 Syncro set out to demonstrate Volkswagen could assemble a supercar, and in addition a huge and dependable engine for its extravagance and top of the line sports cars. After four years, at a similar show in Tokyo, Volkswagen unveiled the W12 Nardo, pressing 591 horsepower and 458 lb-ft of torque.


What does the EcoRacer bring?

Its name doesn't precisely bring out pictures of a superior, high octane auto. However, the EcoRacer has some noteworthy details. The carbon fiber body implies it weighs a little more than 1,800lbs and is controlled by a 100k/w turbo diesel engine giving it an increasing speed of 0 to 60 out of 6.3 seconds. Regardless of its top speed of 143 mph, the EcoRacer sips fuel, getting 70mpg. The EcoRacer is intended to convert into three different body styles, the standard Coupe, the Roadster and the Speedster.


What about the spectacular I.D. Concept?

It might be Volkswagen's latest concept auto, but at the same time, it's seemingly a standout amongst the most important in the carmaker's history. In spite of the fact that the carmaker has the Volkswagen e-Golf in its lineup, the I.D. Concept depicts a new generation of electric vehicles built on the organization's new Modular Electric Drive pack. Volkswagen plans on introducing a whole armada of electric vehicles later on, and the I.D. Concept is expected to go on sale by 2020, offering a range in the vicinity of 279 and 373 miles while being fueled by a 168 hp electric engine.

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