Used Cars to NOT Buy

Are you considering buying a used car but you don't know where to start? Well, don't worry because we're here to make your journey easier. How much do you have? Identifying your budget will help you ensure that your expectations are in check. A second-hand car doesn't have to be a bad car; some of them can go for many years with little maintenance. However, just like a ninja, you should always have one eye open even when sleeping, look out for hidden costs. You should consider factors like maintenance cost, taxes, insurance, and depreciation. Unfortunately, the used car market is full of many second-tier cars. We have compiled a list of used cars that you should avoid because they have many severe issues, have received bad reviews from their owners and they have a high maintenance cost.


What's wrong with the Fiat 500?

Have you ever met someone so ugly that you found yourself admiring the ugliness? Well, the Fiat 500 is like that person because it has an ugly face and an ugly soul too. This car has been so consistent in its unreliability that it is almost impressive. The Fiat 500 has been so bad that we can't narrow down to a specific year or model. The entry models have poor basic specs that make the car unattractive despite its decreased price of $15,990. More than 11% of consumers who bought the 2017 model have complained of issues like its poor suspension. The reliability of the Fiat 500 is below average; this is according to a report by Car Buyer. On the other hand, Auto Insurance has revealed that within two years, this vehicle depreciates by 40%.


What don't we like about the Mini Cooper?

A 2016 study by J.D. Power revealed that every 100 new Mini Coopers end up having 127 problems. I don't know about you, but statistics like these make me feel sick in the stomach. Consumer Reports have disclosed that the Mini Cooper has over 17 major issues. Most complaints about this car are about engine cooling, body integrity, engine problems and cooling system; this is according to Consumer Affairs. The affordable price of the vehicle shouldn't fool you because the maintenance costs are just like a stray dog; they will come back to bite you in the ass. If you can't live without the Mini Cooper, then you should find a way of avoiding the second and first -year models.


What about the Jaguar S-Type?

So you are really excited that you're finally going to own your first Jaguar. This is a great dream but allow me to be the party pooper today; this vehicle is not as good as its 'big name' suggests. For starters, it has cramped rear seats and a dated exterior that can't even make it to the headlines of a village magazine. Every 100 cars have 212 reported problems; this is according to Jaguar Forum. With this car, you can be sure that the local mechanic will know your face because you will visit him several times every year. With these kinds of problems, we are not surprised that it is no longer in production, having lasted from 1999 to 2007.

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Why should I avoid the Dodge Nitro?

So what's wrong with the Nitro? It has two outstanding problems, a powertrain that is below par and an underwhelming interior. It is driven by a 210HP 3.7-liter V6 engine. The Nitro began well in its first year after it sold 70,000 units. As the years went by, the sales started decreasing by 20,000 every year until the vehicle went out of production.


What don't we like about the Chrysler PT Cruiser?

The exterior of the Cruiser was a dramatic departure from its siblings, making it unique. It was assembled between 2000 and 2010. The Cruiser got an unsatisfactory three-star rating in a 2002 safety test by Euro NCAP. In a period of 10 years, the Cruiser sold only 1.35 million units. The 2008 model trailed its competitors because it lacked standard safety features; this is according to a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. You should avoid the early models like a bad disease!


How bad is the Chevrolet Aveo?

According to Consumers Affairs, the Aveo has a 1.5-star reliability rating. For instance, the 2007 model is so bad that it has to experience a problem every time it makes a two-hour trip. Some of its common problems include: overheating, bursting as well as a faulty the radiator and thermostat. As time goes by, you will also notice that it loses a lot of power. We would advise you to forget about this car.

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