Use your Passion for Cars to Make a Profit

Cars are everywhere, and they’re here to stay. Nearly everyone has at least one. And many people have a daily commuter car plus cars they collect as a hobby. All of these cars require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and running smoothly. If you have a passion for cars, there is most certainly an opportunity for you to make a profit from working on them. Here are the answers to your questions about how to turn your love and talent into cold, hard cash.


Do I have to invest a lot of money to make money working on cars?

You can actually get started with very little initial investment if you invest wisely. For example, if you enjoy car restoration, start small and work your way up. Buy a car to restore that you can get for very little money. Choose one that you can easily find parts for and do most of the work on yourself. Don’t expect to make a huge profit on your first project. Reinvest the money you make into another restoration project, upping the investment and profit each time.


Would I have to quit my desk job get into car restoration?

No, you don’t want to do that, unless you can get an incredible severance package. If you have a talent for it, though, you could eventually restore cars for a living. Start with something cheap and easy. Just work on your restoration project after hours, on weekends and during staycations. Get a few completed restorations under your belt and take them to some local car shows before you sell them to show off your work. Do a little networking, get your name out there and you might just be able to do car restoration for a living.


I don’t have a garage to work in. How can I make money detailing cars?

There are a couple of ways to get into car detailing when you don’t have a garage to work in. Start up a mobile detailing service. If the customer has an electrical outlet, water faucet and driveway you can use, you can do the detailing right there at the customer’s home. Lots of people would love the convenience. Instead of having to drive the car to a garage and leave it, they can sit on their porch drinking coffee while they watch you do the work. You could charge a little more for this mobile service, too. Figure in your mileage, wear and tear on your car and payment for the time it takes you to drive to the car’s location. Another possible option is renting a garage. There’s an empty garage or pole building with electricity, heat, and water in even the smallest town that you may be able to rent. If the building is just sitting empty not making any money for the owner, he or she would probably be happy to rent the space to you. It would, of course, require a small initial investment. You might not have to invest too much, though. It’s certainly worth looking into. You never know what you might find. Check the zoning on the garage’s location before you open for business. Make sure it’s not in a strictly residential area. Look into insurance requirements, too.

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Do I have to buy a car dealership to fix and sell cars?

That depends on where you live and how many cars you intend to sell. There are states that will allow individuals to fix and sell as many as four cars each year. Most states won’t let you sell more than two per year, though, unless you have a dealer’s license. A different dealer’s license is required for each type of vehicle you plan to sell.


Is getting a dealership license expensive?

Expenses involved in getting a dealership license vary from state to state. In general, the license fee is $250 to $300. If you really want to get into fixing and selling cars, it would probably be worth the trouble and expense. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Department of Licensing in your state of residence. You may be able to get all the information you need online.

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