Top Worst Trucks

We have always been at the forefront of letting you know about good vehicles and vouching for them. What we would like to talk about today is a little different, well, it's worlds apart. What sucks more than slow internet? Anyone? You got that right, driving a useless piece of metal. Not only is it tiring and inconvenient, but it is also annoying in the way it fails to deliver; poor acceleration, braking, suspension, cornering, name it. It gets even worse when the vehicle in question is a truck. Trucks have seen tougher times than what we have today. They were initially used for farming purposes, and they regularly had to prove their worth in the ruts, and naturally, most of them did alright, a few excelled, and those who failed flopped miserably. In the modern times, they have become the best-selling vehicles of every year, and this has served as a double-edged sword in the truck world. On some occasions, some trucks have fallen below the lowest acceptable rating earning themselves a "trashy truck" label. Whether you just want to drive a truck or you badly need one for towing and ferrying loads, you definitely need to see this list to avoid ending up with a piece of junk. Here are some of the trucks you want to avoid like a plague.


And the top loser is?

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands as tightly folded as you can for the Chevrolet SSR. No clapping please, thank you. The reason why this tops our list is simple, it is at best a trick, not a truck, and we bet it is a badly choreographed trick. While some might argue that it is indeed a truck, we tend to think it also made an attempt at being a hardtop convertible that sports a V8 and failed at that too. It lacks the practicality of a truck in a world that actually uses trucks to traverse the country. You can strike this off your wish list my good people.


How bad is the Dodge Ram Daytona?

Following closely in the "good joke in place of a truck" competition is the Dodge Ram Daytona. Could it win a modeling competition against a multitude of trucks? Very possible. Want to race it against a WRX STi? Go right ahead without a worry. But for God's sake who places a permanent spoiler on a truck's back? This does not make it a very good hauling tool; you actually can't haul anything in this one. If you have an eye out for some fancy truck that will impress kids around the block, here's your vehicle. For the serious truck buyers out there, however, this is one direction you do not want to set your eyes in.


What's wrong with the Hummer H2 SUT?

Why did the original Hummer attract so much love from Americans? It was a rugged bad boy that could take a great deal of hammering given its military underpinnings. And by the way, did you know that crocodiles are just lizards that joined the military? Well, now you know. Back to our H2, it was a redesign of the original truck that could actually handle combat; this left it with little to brag except a pretty useless truck bed. Needless to say, the second generation of Hummers was dead on arrival.

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What about the Mercedes-Benz X-Class?

What do you get when you dress Kim Kardashian in a gladiator's suit and send her to war? Easy, the Benz X-Class. There's so much money that has gone into the development of this truck that it is even laughable. It gets worse, the biggest market for trucks in the world will laugh at the joke, but no one will dare put their money on the line. This should be on the Guinness book of world records for being a miserable failure.


What don't we like about the Lincoln Blackwood?

Built for high-end users, the Blackwood was a bad attempt at combining stylish looks and hauling. The then Ford CEO thought they would make a killing from having a trunk replace the flatbed that trucks normally have. One word, Fail!

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