The Ugliest Vehicles In the World

The Ugliest Vehicles In the World

Have you ever been so shocked by something so ugly that you had to stop to admire its very nature? That’s how you will feel when you see this roundup of ugliest vehicles. The word ugly doesn’t wholly define how bad these cars look so I’m going to add some more vocabulary: they’re grotesque, fetid, repulsive, unattractive and any other terrible word you can think of. The worst of it is their design, their face, their hideous nature serves no purpose other than to instill suffering and pain on your eyes.

The Fiat Multipla and the Pontiac Aztek are the most famous ugly cars out there, but you’ll be shocked to know that they look like beauty queens when they’re compared to some others. Everybody translates beauty in their own way, but you’d have to be blind not to notice these vehicles’ faults. Fasten your seat belt; it’s time to go for a ride in some of the ugliest cars in the world.

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16Suzuki X-90

The X-90 looks like it was born from an inbred family, and left to fend for itself. It looks like some expired sushi that can only be fed to the pigs. Just looking at it makes me sick! It's much uglier than its close sibling, the Suzuki Sidekick. Its parents must have been sister and brother because it has bad teeth and close-set eyes. Someone needs to rush it to a hospital because it is definitely sick.

15Citroën Ami


The Citroën Ami was introduced in 1961, and the world has never been the same. Paris is known as the world’s capital of love, but there is nothing lovely about this French-born car. It was inspired by the classic 2CV, but it lost its mojo and quickly became a joke in the automotive industry. There was nothing lovely about its rectangular headlights, mullet and its polyester leisure suit. The hopeless aerodynamics and dubious aesthetics of its reverse-rake rear window didn’t do it any justice either.

14AMC Pacer

The AMC Pacer is proof disco forgot to die. It was warmly welcomed by car journalists when it arrived in 1975; it was described as unique, bold and futuristic. The automaker even reacted to the 70s gasoline crisis by making an electric version. However, the good times did not last long. As disco began to fall out of style along with shag velour, people began to complain about the Pacer's unorthodox looks. Instead of being futuristic, it was now seen as a strange car from a bygone era. The Pacer remains popular with car collectors, in the same sense that 8-track players are collectible to those who enjoy heaps of junk.



The Trabant was as ugly as they come. This poorly designed car was produced in East Germany as an answer to the success of West Germany's Volkswagen Beetle. Success it seems cannot be gained by throwing a bit of duct tape on some sheet metal and calling it a car. A car that is synonymous with the failed Eastern Bloc, Doug DeMuro, an automotive journalist, described it as slow, loud and terribly built. It lasted between 1957 and 1990. Yes, the car fell along with the Berlin Wall.

12AMC Gremlin

Yes, the Gremlin. This one has a name that sounds like a horror movie from the 80s. It was known for its unique appearance and small size. It was a subcompact car that looked like a badly-designed sprinting shoe. If the manufacturers were trying to make it look like a Ford Mustang, then they failed spectacularly. We can only describe it as a badly proportioned car that belonged in the 70s.

11Pontiac Aztek


The Aztek is uglier than Adolf Hitler’s soul, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This is one of the cars that appear when you ask Google about the cars with the worst appearances. Yes, we all know Walter White drove one in Breaking Bad; here's some news for you - Walter White was a bad person, with bad taste in cars. Many car bloggers put it on top of their “ugliest cars” lists. It is a rebel that violates all the rules of aesthetics. It is hunchbacked and slab-sided. It doesn’t help that the body of this vehicle is carried by roller-skate-sized wheels. Some car enthusiasts believe that the coupe SUVs were inspired by the Pontiac Aztek. The chief designer said that the car’s bold design was only meant for “certain people.” We think that “those people” can only be him and his wife. I mean, who would want a car that looks like the offspring of a Dustbuster vacuum and a Transformers toy.

10Nissan Cube

If the Nissan Cube were to be judged for its stylistic sins, then it would definitely burn in hell! It looks like a giant wooden toy that has been made by a small boy. The left side is wrapped up by an asymmetric rear window that makes it look weird. We previously stated that none of these cars have a reason to be as awful looking as they are. The Cube is an awful people mover, it's not a truck, or what could be considered a value, so the only possible purpose for the Cube's existence is to make you question the nature of the universe.

9Volkswagen Type 181


Avert your eyes! You don’t want to look at it twice. It looks like a basic piece of metal that has been placed on wheels. In America, it was known as The Thing while the British called it the Trekker. In the 1960s, it was made for the German military. However, mass production began in 1981. Its form fulfills no function whatsoever, except to turn anyone who looks at this monstrosity into stone. Unfortunately, the VW Thing is quite popular in the American Southwest where there is no weather. Like the plastics in our ocean, it'll take a million years for this car to disappear from the Earth's landscape. By then our insect overlords will have a car to drive.

8Sbarro Autobau concept

This supercar has blade-like things in the front, and looks like it is ready to plow a farm! You might be surprised to learn that this contraption was launched in the Geneva motor show in 2010. Yes, it doesn’t belong in the crazy 80s. The Sbarro Autobau has a weight of 1,500 kilograms and was made in honor of Fredy Lienhard, a successful Swiss racing driver. The designer must have really hated this racer to come up with such a hideous concept. The only good thing about it was that it was powered by a 12-cylinder mid-mounted engine that was sourced from Ferrari. It delivered 500bhp; this is average when compared to other modern supercars. We’re glad it’s ugly ass disappeared into thin air.

7Fiat Multipla


This vehicle was born in Italy during the Berlusconi-era and comes with an Elephant Man-esque exterior. From the front, it looks like a UFC fighter with a broken nose, and it is full of many strange bulges. People who live in the villages will be forgiven for thinking that it is a giant frog that has mutated. Away from the looks, we love the fact that it is a practical family car that comes with an accommodative cabin. It can carry six people, and it is enjoyable to drive. Unfortunately, it won’t help you gain any points when you’re trying to impress your crush. Nobody worth his or her salt would be seen driving it. Popular entertainment judge Simon Cowell described it as “an animal that has a disease.” I pity the British people who have to see this vehicle almost daily.

6Plymouth Prowler

The Prowler looks like the ugliest javelin spear ever dreamed up in a nightmare hellscape. This retro-styled production vehicle came with an optional trailer that made it look even worse. The Prowler had a rear-transmission, rear-drive, front-engine configuration and existed for single generation producing 11,702 units. The Plymouth brand dissolved just after the Prowler was launched. Its lifespan was thankfully short-lived.

5Aston Martin Lagonda


This one has to be Aston Martin’s ugliest car ever built. Just like the 80s, it had no style. It reminds of a terrible mustache on the upper lip – I hope Steve Harvey isn’t reading this. It was made in Newport Pagnell, England, and can be described as a luxury four-door, full-sized saloon. Although its minimalistic interior had digital instruments and a single-spoke wheel, it was extraordinarily futuristic. Aston thankfully only made 645 units. Today, the wedge-shaped Lagonda is very popular with collectors; it can demand more than £100,000. Surprisingly. It lasted from 1974 to 1990.

4Nissan S-Cargo

The Nissan S-Cargo looks like a bad mistake; almost as if Nissan had been in a hurry to display their mediocrity. It can be described as a diminutive retro-styled van that looks like a character from the children's movie Cars. It is so hideous that once you see it, it is impossible to remove it from your head – it reminds me of a bad nightmare.

3Ford Edsel


Set for a release in 1958, Ford started the hype machine on the Edsel a full year before the public could get their hands on what turned out to be a relatively expensive, unreliable, and poorly built bucket of bolts. What was meant to be a darling of the post World War II American boom busted in the wake of a declining economy, and Ford was forced to abandon their full-sized car dreams in 1960. The worst part - those who were crazy enough to buy the Edsel had to scoop up between $2,500 - $3,800 for the opportunity to joy ride in a wet sack of burlap.

2Chrysler PT Cruiser

From the front, the Chrysler PT Cruiser looks like a fat cat that is about to throw up! Yes, you’re right, it looks like a vomiting Garfield. I hope that image never leaves your head. It can be described as a front-wheel drive, front-engine, compact MPV/small family car. Or better yet a hideous idea conceptualized by yes men who have no concept of what makes a car look good, or driving fun. Its styling makes it look like it belongs in the 1930s. If the 1930s were reimagined using subpar products and manufacturing. It came with two body styles: a 2-door convertible and a 5-door hatchback. In the inside, it had a high h-point seating, a high-roof, as well as flexible passenger and cargo configurations. The interior was just as drab as the exterior. The PT Cruiser was impossibly awful; you'd want to make sure to have limo tinted windows to hide from the shame of being seen in it.  Somehow production‎ lasted between ‎2000 and 2010.

1Pontiac Trans Sport


The Pontiac Trans Sport is the culmination of a variety of bad ideas engineered in the late 1980s for what was supposed to be the future! The 1990s. Unfortunately between boardroom meetings, and focus groups what Pontiac got was a garbled pointy-nosed mess of a family van that had no real functionality, no aerodynamics, no appeal to drive anywhere except to a landfill. Grimy-handed children could easily stain the Trans Sport's interior, and its exterior wasn't cheap enough for insurance adjustors to write off after a minor fender-bender. Somehow, despite poor sales, worse reviews, and the howling cackles of passers-by Pontiac managed to trick the public into purchasing this monstrosity for six years until they finally pulled the plug in 1997.