The new Mini EV

The all-electric Mini is probably the most awaited car since BMW promised us that they would bring it a few years ago. Inspiration comes from the original petrol-powered BMW Mini. We haven't seen one of those beauties brand new since the year 2000. If the new Mini were Serena Williams, then its predecessors would be Venus Williams. They look alike, compete with tiny wheels, rally-style spotlights, and hood stripes. However, you might get the impression that it's rocking too much eyeliner on its face. One electric motor powers the new Mini and it has a charging port in place of the original fuel cap.


What do we know about it?

We know that all enthusiasts want to know about the car's details like the launch date, price, and performance but we are sorry to say that it will not be available for mass production. However, we can confirm that it comes with lithium-iron phosphate batteries that deliver 65 miles of range. It can hit 75mph at top speed. So why did they come up with this concept? The Mini EV was made as a statement of BMW's commitment towards producing an electric model.


What have the manufacturers said about it?

According to a statement by BMW, the car is a perfect example of a model that balances environmentally friendly technology and unmistakable character. The classic Mini Electric brings the future while maintaining beautiful aspects of the past. The company wants it to be an ambassador of sustainable mobility and environmental awareness.


Which Mini can I buy?

The brand will release a mass production model as a gift during its 60th anniversary in 2019. It will be known as the EV Cooper. This will not be the first time that the brand has flirted with EVs although it will be the first fully-electric vehicle to be produced for the masses. BMW started with the Mini E back in 2008; they made 600 examples that had a 35kWh battery with a 100-mile range. The cars were mainly leased to private owners in New York and Los Angeles. The users in Japan, UK, China, France, the US, and Germany used the car for field testing.

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What do we think about the Mini EV?

Well, we have had enough of the concepts. BMW should stop bottling their opportunities of dominating the EV market and give us the Mini already! Restored classic Minis are becoming increasingly popular. Comments from enthusiasts have confirmed that the concept is as popular as the Russian national soccer team after it thrashed Saudi Arabia 5 - 0 in the World Cup. We are convinced that it can become a commercial success if BMW goes into mass production. BMW can perform in the class of compact urban vehicles if the model is brought at an affordable price before incentives and gas-saving.

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