The Mercedes Benz EQC

We have heard of cars being compared to many nice things. But until now it has never occurred to us that someone would actually compare a car to the, wait for it, devil!! Yes, that's right, the devil himself. Doesn't sound like the best way to show love to a machine, right? We went out of our way to get George, the new naming champion around here to explain why he thought so highly of the new Mercedes Benz EQC. He made a good argument for his rather extreme comparison. 'You never see it coming' said the man. 'All you see is the tail, and you'll lose yourself if you try to follow it.' Well, we don't know whether anyone has actually seen the devil's tail. But we have seen the EQC's taillights, and they look stunning. After a long time producing electric vehicles based on gas models in the past, the German automaker has finally developed the ultimate all-electric SUV dubbed EQ- short for 'Electric Intelligence.' Looking at this battery-powered Benz, it is almost the same size as the GLB-Class crossover. Let's get some more of the juicy details, right?


How is the exterior?

The C in the EQ C is suggestive of something; this is a member of the GLC family. Its styling is a little familiar especially if you have had a good look at a GLC. They are not identical, not by a long shot since the fascia and headlamps refuse to be part of the GLC's image, but this does resemble a GLC. Going by the grille at the front this is what we would define as a mildly restyled GLC look.


How is the interior?

The EQC has a futuristic interior. From the touch-sensitive center console to the curved dash and the ultra wide instrument cluster, this is definitely a trophy interior. The infotainment screen is also on another level.


Where does the power come from?

The EQC draws its juice from an extraordinarily large battery made by Deutsche Accumotive. This battery packs more than 70 kWh owing to its high-efficiency lithium ion components.

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What about the power transmission?

Power from the battery goes to two electric motors which when combined produce a butt-kicking 402 ponies and 516 lb-ft of torque. Read that again, 402, 516!! Lord have mercy!! The only downside here is that this much oomph is only available with the range-topping EQC. This is the kind of kick that puts a donkey to shame; it gets this crossover going from 0-62 mph in less than 5 seconds. Honestly, this will give Tesla a run for their money considering the brand popularity Mercedes enjoys.


How long before the next recharge?

This might is likely to be the most important detail about the new crossover, and we totally understand because no one wants to stop for power when the journey gets begins getting interesting. The battery-motor combination of the EQC delivers a range of 310 miles on average depending on driving habits. This is some pretty good range relative as compared to its rivals, and it will definitely rub potential customers the right way. What about the downside? The base model covers fewer miles per charge, around 240 to be more precise.


And the pricing?

Well, not as cheap as we had prayed it would be. Prepare for a starting MSRP of $55,000 for the base model and $75,000 for the range topping model.

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