The Mahindra Roxor

The 2018 Mahindra Roxor is a brand new off-road UTV or Utility Task Vehicle. It looks very much like a Jeep Wrangler, with that boxy body design and round headlights. Don't get them confused, though. They are very different utility vehicles. Mahindra has been making similar vehicles for decades in India, but this is the first year for the Roxor in North America. It doesn't go fast, but a vehicle like this isn't supposed to. The UTV is meant for working on the farm, hunting, collecting firewood and generally having fun off-roading. Here are the answers to questions you may have about the new Roxor.


Can the Mahindra Roxor be driven both on and off road?

No. The Roxor is not built to be driven on the road at all. Because of that, Mahindra hasn't had to strictly adhere to the more exacting safety standards and emissions regulations. It is an off-road SUV or UTV that is not legal to drive on the road. Mahindra has focused instead on making the Roxor a fun, durable, off-road vehicle. It doesn't have lots of high-tech features that have to be serviced and repaired by experts. It's a basic all-terrain vehicle that most mechanically-inclined off-road warriors can easily maintain themselves.


Is Mahindra a subsidiary of Chrysler-Jeep?

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited is an automotive manufacturer based in India that has no connection to Chrysler-Jeep. It was founded in 1945. Mahindra USA, also known as Mahindra North America, was founded in 1994. The Jeep connection occurred back in 1947 when Mahindra and Mahindra bought licensing rights to the Willys Jeep. That's why the Roxor in North America and Thar in India look so much like a Jeep. It is a newer, smaller version of the old Willys. The short wheel-base only measures 96 inches. The Roxor's total length is only 148 inches.


Is the Mahindra Thar the same as the Roxor?

They are basically the same vehicle, although there are some big differences. The basic Roxor doesn't have a windshield, doors or roof and its body is constructed of polyurethane. Mahindra also puts a different grille on the Roxor for the North American market, mainly to reduce its similarity to the original Willys. Mahindra and Mahindra have been producing the Thar since 2010.

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How many people can ride in the Mahindra Roxor?

The Roxor only seats two people.


How much does a Mahindra Roxor cost?

Starting MSRP for a base Roxor model is $15,549. The next trim level up is the Limited Edition or LE. Its price starts at $18,999. The LE comes with a soft top but no windshield. Mahindra is planning to make a windshield available in the near future, though. The LE model also comes equipped with an 8000-lb WARN winch, light bar, more substantial off-road bumper, grab loops, a light bar, mirrors and an MTX Bluetooth soundbar. Both trims are available in Tahoe Blue, White, Fire Orange or Carbon Black.


What type of engine does the Mahindra Roxor have?

The Roxor comes with a 2.5-L 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine under the hood. This engine only makes 62 horsepower at 3200 RPM, but it makes 144 lb-ft. of torque between 1400 and 2200 RPM. Remember, this vehicle is only intended for off-roading and rock crawling. It's not equipped to speed down the highway. In fact, its top speed is only 45 mph. The turbodiesel is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The Roxor suspension is equipped with a stabilizer bar and leaf springs along with hydraulic shock absorbers. It also comes equipped with hydraulic power steering. This little SUV only weighs 3,035 pounds, yet it can tow as much as 3,490 pounds. Its payload capacity is rated at 349 lbs. The Roxor body is constructed on a steel frame. There are nine inches between the base of the SUV and the ground, and it is rated to handle an angle of 40 degrees before tipping. The Roxor comes equipped with a fuel tank that holds up to 12 gallons.


Is the Mahindra Roxor an all-wheel-drive SUV?

The Roxor is a part-time four-wheel drive UTV. That means it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle until you shift it into four-wheel drive. It is equipped with a two-speed low ratio manual transfer case that is used to shift it into four-wheel drive.


Is there anything available that is comparable to the Roxor?

The Polaris RangerXP 1000 EPS is very similar to the Roxor. Its engine makes 82 horsepower, but it is only rated to tow 2,490 pounds. The Roxor is the clear winner here if you regularly tow heavy equipment. The RangerXP is shorter than the Roxor by over 2 feet, but ground clearance on the RangerXP is 4 inches higher. The Polaris RangerXP costs about $800 more than the Roxor. The Can-Am Defender is another comparable UTV. The Defender XT makes 72 hp and has 12 inches of ground clearance. It's only rated to tow up to 2,000 pounds, though, so again the Roxor is the clear winner in towing capacity. A 2018 Defender XT starts out at $150 more than the Mahindra Roxor.

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