The Life-sized Lego Bugatti

Have you ever watched Will Smith in the movie Wild Wild West? This life-sized Lego Bugatti is the wildest thing you will ever see! Coming with more than a million Lego Technic pieces, this beast is the most impressive piece of engineering in the market. In August, Bugatti unveiled a Chiron replica, which turned a lot of heads. You wanna hear the best part? This new Bugatti is actually drivable despite weighing 1.5 tons. This pioneer is simply the best toy ever.


What the hell is a Lego Technic piece?

Lego is a company that is famous for bricks and blocks. For the unfamiliar, technic is the company’s line of interconnecting motors, axles, gears, rods and other parts. Simply, this vehicle is created from toy parts, and it gets its juice from a group of plastic motors.


What is the history behind it?

According to Lego, the manufacturers of this masterpiece began working on it at the beginning of March 2018 after a brainstorming period that dates back to June last year. It took Lego approximately 13,500 hours to come up with this beast. The life-sized Lego Bugatti is built as a promotional tool in the Italian Grand Prix. Lego’s creative team has also built the new Bugatti to test the limits of their engineering; it is, therefore, a passion project. The Bugatti Chiron inspires it. Its entrance into the market is majestic, and it can only be compared to Julio Caesar’s return to Rome after his Conquest of Gaul.


Where does the power come from?

The Lego Power Function platform powers the new Lego Bugatti. It uses 4,032 Lego Technic gear wheels and 2,304 motors. It produces torque of around 92 Nm and 5.3 horsepower. This self-propelled and non-glued Lego Technic model can hit a speed of over 20km/h.

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What makes it tick?

The two-passenger Bugatti has many aces up its sleeve and it keeps on giving a lot of qualities like Christiano Ronaldo gives goals to his team. It comes with doors that open and close, a functional speedometer, a detachable steering wheel as well as a spoiler that has a control panel which toggles electronics and lights. The spoiler lowers and lifts using a button. To be clear, the Lego Bugatti is not entirely made out of plastic. It is not possible for a 1.5-ton thing to be entirely made of plastic. For instance, there is a pair of batteries, a steel frame, it sits on real Bugatti wheels, and it has some 3d printed gears.


Does it have any interesting facts?

Just like the incredible Usain Bolt, this vehicle boasts of having many firsts. It is the first large-scale moving vehicle to come with a variety of different transparent Lego Technic bricks. It is the pioneering Lego Technic model that is not glued and the first self-propelled car of its kind. It is the first car to get power from Lego Technic motors. It is also the first time that Technic bricks elements have been used to make load-bearing parts.


How does it drive?

The Lego Bugatti was first tested in Germany’s Ehra Lessien proving ground. It was driven by Andy Wallace – a successful ex-racing driver. It raced at a speed of a little over 20km/h. This speed falls short of the mindboggling 420 km/h speed of the original Bugatti Chiron. All in all, we are already impressed with the fact that it actually moves! Wallace said that he had a great experience driving the Lego Technic car and he was impressed by its close attention to detail.


What do we think about it?

The Lego Bugatti has managed to maintain the Bugatti’s reputation of producing vehicles that have outstanding engineering. And with this Lego-inspired version, they have certainly outdone themselves. They say that boys will always be boys and to tell you the truth, I have never outgrown toys. This super sports car is the answer to all my “big toy” fantasies, and I still wish that my mum could buy me one of this “things” just like the old days. The life-sized Lego Bugatti has introduced new standards thanks to its impressive technical innovations. It boasts of being the most balanced super sports car because it offers comfort, durability, speed, everyday drivability, and luxury.


Can I purchase it?

The life-size model is currently not being sold in the market. The Chiron is also a difficult target to nail because it goes for $3 million. However, you can spend only $350 to get the miniature Lego version.

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