The Hottest Car Shows

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If you like binge-watching TV and you like cars, then you are in the right place because we have you covered. Over the years, we have seen some great car shows like MTV's Pimp my Ride and Top Gear; these kinds of shows are popular for their breathtaking vehicles and charismatic hosts. These shows expose petrolheads to the best cars in the market. Furthermore, they're massively entertaining.


How do we rate "Inside West Coast Customs?"

If you have watched the Transformers movie series then you know what to expect with this show; one moment it is an ordinary car, and in the next moment it is a beautiful monster. In this car show, you witness the brilliant Ryan Friedlinghaus turning normal vehicles into show-stoppers. Inside West Coast Customs is a show that takes customization to a whole new level. All the magic happens in Ryan's shop in Corona, California. What makes this show interesting is the fact that you don't know which vehicle he will work with, from buses and RVs to a Ford Fiesta.


How brilliant is "Top Gear?"

It is impossible to come up with a list of the best car shows without naming "Top Gear." This motoring program is meant for all the petrolheads around the globe. You're gonna love this one mate! Well, you should also know that it is full of a lot of British accents. It is a 'happy go lucky' show that often turns into a train wreck as the hosts do crazy things around the world. The show is driven by the original gang of James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, and their replacements, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans. This one is for all the rascals out there.


What about "Canada's Worst Driver?"

The show names the best and worst drivers after challenging the contestants. The expert drivers then teach the unskilled drivers how to handle a car. You should definitely stream this show to learn a few tricks to use on your favorite car.


What's special about "Highway Thru Hell?"

This show is very different from the others. It is based in Canada's most threatening thoroughfares; it captures the rescue and recovery work. The Jamie Davis Motor Truck fights snowfall and other obstacles in its quest of extracting stuck trucks. Grab your popcorn and stream this one, it's going to be a hell of a ride.


What do we have to say about the "Monster Garage?"

Have you ever watched a 100-meter race featuring Justin Gatlin and Usain Bolt? Well, this show is something like that because it is full of adrenaline. All the excitement happens at Jesse James' shop where the mechanics are given a little cash and a timeline of one week to convert a Mazda MX-5 Miata into a watercraft, a Chevrolet Camaro into a rallying vehicle, a DeLorean into a hovercraft, and many other projects. You get to witness as normal cars are turned into multipurpose machines. What these guys do is magic only comparable to what happened to Frankenstein.

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