The Best Dash Cams for 2019

Dash cams are great for capturing footage of unusual weather events, animals behaving oddly or people doing weird things. The videos are often good for a laugh but can also provide invaluable evidence of an event. Footage is also useful in the event of an accident or crime. If someone pulls out in front of you or approaches your vehicle on foot to harass or assault you, the video will provide indisputable evidence to support your claim. Here are the answers to questions you might have about the best dash cams of 2018.


Can dash cameras just be plugged into a 12V outlet or cigarette lighter?

Yes, some can be just plugged in, but many of the best dash cams must be permanently wired, also referred to as hardwired, into the car's power supply. Hardwiring involves running the wire from the dash cam over to the fuse box in the car, locating a 'hot on start' fuse, plugging the right fuses into the dash cam plug and grounding the wiring with a ground lug. A person who is handy and used to working on cars can do the installation. If you don't have any experience working on car electrical systems, though, it is best to pay a professional to do the installation.


Is there a good dash cam for under $50?

Yes, in fact, one of the best dash cams of 2018 can be bought for under $50. The YI Smart Dash Camera is a little gem of a dash cam that's packed full of useful features. It has built-in WiFi and G-Sensor technology that immediately saves the footage to its memory card in the event of a collision. That footage will come in very handy when working with insurance companies or police if there is a dispute. Its high-resolution, wide-angle 6G lens blocks infrared glare to provide clear footage of a full three lanes even in low-light conditions. The YI Smart Dash Cam also comes with an Advanced Driver Assistance System that includes lane departure warning and forward collision warnings. Unfortunately, GPS isn't included in this dash cam, and the suction mounts aren't as secure as they should be. The memory card is also not included with the dash cam.


Does Garmin make a good dash cam?

Yes, Garmin makes one of the best dash cams for about $100. The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is full of extra features like GPS and G-Sensor technology that saves the video to its memory card after a collision. It also has a forward collision warning system, Snapshot capabilities, and an internal dash cam player. The memory card is included with this dash cam. A speed trap and red-light camera warning system are available; however, you have to pay about $30 per year for the service. The Garmin Dash Cam 35 does not have WiFi, unfortunately. You can get the Dash Cam 45 with WiFi, though, for about $130.

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Is there a good dash cam with both a rear and front camera?

Yes. Two of the best 2018 dash cams have a front and rear camera. The KDLinks DX2 dash cam has a 1080P front-facing camera and 720P rear-facing camera. It has a 165-degree front lens and 125-degree rear lens. This dash cam costs right around $200 and a memory card is included. It has G-Sensor for accident event recording, a Wide Dynamic Range video system, and Superior Night Mode. Unfortunately, it doesn't have GPS or WiFi capabilities. The Pruveeo C2 Dual Dash Cam comes equipped with a 1920P front camera and 1080P rear camera. The camera rotates 180 degrees and has a viewing angle of 150 degrees. This dash cam records on a loop and automatically saves events leading up to a collision. The Pruveeo C2 doesn't have WiFi or GPS, and you have to buy the SD memory Card separately. You can get this dual dash camera for under $110, though.


Which dash cam has the best high-quality video recordings?

The Z-Edge Z3 is the best 2018 dash cam when high-quality video is of the utmost importance. This dash cam comes equipped with a Super-HD 2560 x 1080 resolution camera. Keep in mind that you'll need a high-resolution television or monitor for the quality HD playback. It also has a 145-degree-angle lens and WDR Enhanced Night Vision. This dash cam also has G-sensor that saves footage after a collision and it records on a loop, so you'll never have to wonder if you missed footage due to a full memory card. The required 32 GB SD card comes with it as well as a long USB cable. Unfortunately, this dash cam does not come with WiFi or GPS. This dash cam comes equipped with a Super-HD 2560 x 1080 resolution camera and costs about $100.

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