The Best Concept Cars You should Expect

Have you ever watched an auto show? If you have, then you are likely to have come across a concept car. Concept cars grab your attention. In most cases, you will find yourself gazing at the unbelievable shape, big shiny wheels or the futuristic styling. Concept cars push the limit of what a car is. Furthermore, the concepts end up introducing revolutionary designs and technologies into the market. Car enthusiasts are definitely in for a treat going by the concepts that are hitting the market. Most of them will provoke your thoughts while some of them will simply leave you wondering what the automakers were smoking to come with their crazy designs. The concept cars that are coming are a clear revelation that we are moving into an age of self-driving and electric cars.


What makes the Toyota e-Palette tick?

At first glance, the Toyota e-Palette reminds me of breakfast because it looks like a loaf of bread. If it ended up on a plate, then the only thing missing would be butter. Toyota wants the e-Palette to be a multipurpose business tool. This autonomous vehicle was launched at CES. The automaker is aiming at manufacturing three sizes that can be used to transport people, deliver goods, or work as an office or mobile storefront. The company plans to begin testing in the early 2020s.


What do we love about the Byton all-electric SUV?

The automaker has referred to this vehicle as 'smart and intuitive.' This SUV is black and very sleek; it looks like a vehicle that can be driven by Batman. Just like Batman, the all-electric SUV concept looks like it can kick some butt - that's probably because it's Chinese. Byton said that the concept would be very similar to the production car; it represents approximately 85% of the production version. We expect features like self-driving capabilities, cameras that replace side mirrors, face recognition technology as well as gesture and voice controls. When will it hit the market? It is expected to be released in 2019.


What does the Lexus LF-1 Limitless have to offer?

Behold, we introduce the latest Japanese concept that has been designed to evoke thoughts of a Japanese sword. According to the Verge, the manufacturers hope to release this sleek luxury crossover by 2019. Expect an easier driving experience thanks to a center console that comes with a touchpad and a steering wheel that features expansive touch controls.

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What's special about the Kia Niro EV?

This is the Niro crossover's electric version. Most interior settings can be managed using gestures and touch controls. The car alerts nearby pedestrians by using speakers, object recognition technology and cameras. It is a special car since it keeps both pedestrians and drivers safe.


How cool is the Nissan IMx?

The IMX is an electric concept and everything about it cooler than the 'ice' on Jay-Z's wrist. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie; it reminds me of those cool things that were flying around in the Black Panther movie with people shouting 'Wakanda Forever.' It comes with driving wheels and retractable steering; this means that it can either drive itself or the driver can take charge. According to the manufacturer, the IMx can drive more than 370 miles per charge.

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