The Best Car Buying Apps

Apps for Android and iPhone can help narrow down vehicle choices, locate the perfect one across the country, or get a package deal ready to sign without visiting a dealership or talking on the phone. Buyers can trade in their own car, deal with private parties covered by security checks and start from the other end of the deal by calculating a monthly price they can afford and matching it with a great vehicle. There are even ways to lease used cars and save on depreciation. Apps put car buyers in control with options and information.


How can I cover as much ground as possible as quickly as possible when searching for a used car?

Use Autolist, an app for Android and iOS which helps users connect with large numbers of listings on an extensive selection of websites. It provides ways to bookmark searches, track pricing on specific vehicles, watch price trends for a specific vehicle type and apply hundreds of filter criteria. It's free and comes from the usual Google and Apple app markets.


Where can I search a large number of cars for sale very specifically?

eBay Motors is available through the standard eBay app, with access to a large number of standard listings plus exotic and classic vehicles.


Can I lease a car that's not new and save some money or get something a bit more upscale than I could afford new?

Reach out to Fair using their app for Android or Apple. Fair's cars are pre-owned or certified pre-owned. App users get started with their car by paying a "Start Payment," then continuing as they like -- rental timing, lease length, or full ownership. They also connect with Uber drivers who sign in with their driver account and provide a listing of Uber-eligible vehicles. Their cars, trucks, and SUVs are less than six years old with fewer than 70,000 miles on them.

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I like CarMax but I don't have time to deal with them in person now. Can I connect with them by app?

CarMax has an app, available on Google Play or the App Store, which handles both buying and selling used cars with them. Car shoppers can look for specific vehicle types and features, take a 360-degree look at the car, set alerts and watch new arrivals and pre-qualify for financing to be ready when the right one comes along.


I've got a car to sell, and I might want to buy a different one, finance it -- what app can help no matter what I decide to do?

Blinker's app, available for both Android and Apple iOS, handles everything "from the hunt to the handshake," as they put it. It provides a way for owners to sell and buy privately, finance, possibly even refinance a vehicle. It uses image recognition to provide verification from the car itself to the parties involved specifically driver's licenses. Access to vehicle ownership data helps Blinker offer an additional level of verification, and the app can help with title transfer, payment, and financing. Not all these features are available throughout the U.S. yet, so buyers should double check what's possible in their area.


I want to buy from a dealer but get fully prepared before contacting them, making sure they have the one I want and knowing what the best price should be. Where can I get fully informed?

The TrueCar app covers over 15,000 U.S. dealers, gathering pricing data which users can leverage to get more than $3,000 of the MSRP of a new car. The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms and is said to have made over three million matches resulting in sales so far.


How do I crunch through Craigslist and get what I want, wherever it is?

BRZO, available only for iPhone at this time and for a fee, helps car buyers save much more than that fee (generally $9.99 but occasionally reduced) by crunching through Craigslist quickly and efficiently to find the right car and get a sense of typical pricing along the way. If the right car is out there, even if it's a corner case with unusual options, BRZO can find it. If necessary, users can bookmark searches and try again later.


I want to find a car, get good financing or leasing and get going now. How?

AutoGravity is free on Google Play or the App Store. It helps buyers in every state, but Nevada run through the car buying process from searching to connecting with a dealer, getting financing (sometimes several finance offers) and applying in less than ten minutes. Leasing a new car and financing a used model are also possibilities with AutoGravity.


I want to run the insurance numbers quickly on a few cars. How can I do that?

Go, an iPhone app, will scan your license and run insurance numbers for a quite within five minutes, following up by guiding you to an agent to close the deal. If you're running rates on several vehicles, this could speed things up considerably. Don't forget that your current insurance provider may have a similar app if you intend to stay with them, for instance, to keep package discounts.

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