The 2019 BMW M2 Preview

BMW has been filling the market with electric cars and SUVs, but the M division still focuses on giving us new performance options by hook or crook. The new M2 Competition is based on the 2 Series Coupe. It is the cheapest M car although it is pricier than the previous M2. BMW has given it more horsepower - it goes from the previous 365 to 405. It is one of the BMWs with the best drives. The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 and Audi RS 3 also have similar luxury and power. But neither offers rear-wheel drive, a manual transmission and the rarity of two doors. This vehicle is now as fresh as a lady who has just had a new hairstyle from her favorite beauty salon. It has a new aggressive attitude and a new price.


Should we expect anything new?

The most notable change in 2019 is the “M2 Competition,” which is the new name of the smallest M car. If it were a rapper, then it would be Puffy Daddy because he changes his name more than he changes clothes. The vehicle now comes with a TwinPower Turbo inline-6 engine that boosts horsepower and torque. It also comes with new features like upgraded brakes, center-console selector switches when it comes together with automatic transmission, recalibrated stability control, and revised sport seats.


Where does the power come from?

The new M2 gets its juice from a new heart, a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 engine made of aluminum. It delivers 405 horsepower as well as 406 lb-ft Torque. It features variable-valve lift control, variable camshaft timing and direct injection. It has rear-wheel drive. It only takes 4.0 seconds to hit 0-60-mph. We recommend the optional 7-speed twin-clutch automatic although it also offers a standard 6-speed manual transmission. It saves fuel by cutting power using its preset engine start/stop system; however, it can be defeated if you feel that the start-ups are too sudden.


What does the interior offer?

Although the rear seats can only be used for a quick ride by adults, this car can comfortably carry four people. You will fall in love with the fresh sport bucket seats because they are supportive and comfortable in all the good areas. This car still offers BMW’s iDrive controller; for instance, you can capture your drives with the clever GoPro app. It also has center-console selector switches which manipulate Dynamic Stability Control, steering, and engine settings. The M1 and M2 steering-mounted buttons can store selections for easy recall.

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Which standard features stand out?

The BMW M2 Competition has many features, but these are the ones that stand out like a zebra in a herd of wild beasts. This car now boasts of high-performance bits and racing-focused hardware like upgraded brakes, track-ready cooling system as well as an Active M rear differential. This German luxury car has dual-zone climate control, black Dakota leather upholstery, universal garage remote, rain-sensing windshield wipers, 14-way-power front seats, and 3-stage heated front seats. The infotainment system has Bluetooth connectivity, a premium audio system with 12 speakers, real-time traffic navigation and an 8.8-inch center screen. It also has complimentary maintenance of three years/36,000 miles which is packaged in BMW’s Ultimate Service.


How good is the driving experience?

The coupe offers more performance than we have ever seen before. The M2 is a pleasant companion when it is off the track thanks to its immense capabilities; however, it remains civilized on the highway. When it isn’t at full throttle, the cabin is remarkably quiet. The driver’s seat has a way of hugging on to the driver. The 6-speed manual transmission is standard, and rightly so, we recommend it because it remains stellar. The top speed is limited to 155 mph. This vehicle takes approximately four seconds to hit a run of zero-to-60. Cadillac's V-Series and Audi performance cars offer more refined automatics when compared to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic offered by the new BMW M2. However, the 7-speed is a big star on the track, just like Lewis Hamilton. We are in love with the M2’s dual personality.


Who is it made for?

The 2019 BMW M2 is the special vehicle you are looking for if you want a small 2-door car that can brilliantly wind a mountain road or track. This high-performer maintains its prestige and power, and it costs just under $60,000.


Who is it not made for?

Some people are likely to feel that the M2 is not as practical as other BMW performance cars because it has a rear-drive setup and only two doors. You should choose the M240i xDrive if you are looking for all-wheel drive sure-footed traction. On the other hand, the standard 2 Series is the only option for convertible fans.

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