Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla cars are known for their style, comfort, and performance, which has made them a major status symbol. However, so far the company has limited itself to sedans, leaving drivers who prefer a bigger vehicle out of the loop. The company is looking to change that by developing a new pickup truck that relies on the efficient and powerful electric system that has made their sedans so fun to drive. While the idea is still in the works as of 2018, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has given drivers an idea of what they can expect. Here are some things that may be on the table for the upcoming Tesla truck.


How much can it haul?

While pickup trucks can be fun to drive, they also need to be able to do some serious work. Musk has suggested that this won't be a problem, even stating on Twitter that it will have a hauling capacity of 300,000 pounds. Some industry experts are skeptical, but drivers trust that it will be able to do the work.


What will it look like?

Early concept sketches and renderings show that Tesla isn't envisioning a typical-looking pickup truck. The company has been developing an electric semi truck for some time, and it looks like the pickup may turn out to be a scaled-down version of that, with an aerodynamic short, curved hood and a large rectangular passenger compartment. However, Musk has also said that it will look like a regular pickup truck, so the final product may turn out to be quite different from early renderings.


What kind of range will it have?

When it comes to electric vehicles, the distance you can get on a single charge is critically important. Current Tesla models typically have a base range of about 300 miles, but Musk has suggested that the pickup truck will have a larger one of at least 400 to 500 miles. That could be a good thing for cross-country hauling or for going off-roading where there might not be a charge station nearby.

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Is it suitable for a work truck?

In addition to the massive hauling capacity and other features, this truck sounds like it is being designed with workers in mind. Some other possible features include a 240-volt outlet so you can plug your power tools into the truck, as well as real button controls so you don't have to take off your work gloves to make adjustments on a touchscreen.

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