Tesla Model Y

Have you listened to Elon Musk’s new rap song? We’re glad that he is good at other things like making electric cars. He was recently involved in the launch of Tesla latest baby, the all-new Tesla Model Y. This mid-size SUV will join an impressive lineup of other EVs like Tesla Model X, the bigger Model S and the Tesla Model 3. The US-based company has built this EV using the Model 3’s platform. The seven-seater will come with different variants that include: Performance, Long Range, Standard Range, and Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive. This vehicle will go down in history as Tesla’s fifth production car and the second SUV.


How does it look?

If the Model X had a baby, then the new Tesla Model Y would be it. I mean, even the nose and ears look alike, it’s the perfect definition of father and son. The Tesla Model Y doesn’t come with Falcon Wing doors, but like the Model X, it offers a similar fastback profile. The Model Y decided to ditch these attractive doors because they are complicated and expensive. The Y borrows approximately75 percent of its features from the Model 3. It, therefore, isn’t surprising that the Y is just like the Model 3 in terms of wheelbase, length, and width, though much taller. This is also the case with the Model S and the Model X.


Why did Tesla choose to launch the Y?

The Y would have been an obvious choice for any automaker because crossovers and SUVs make up 50% of new car sales. Elon Musk wanted to get a little naughty with his first three models; he wanted them to spell SEX. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t use the name “Model E” because it belonged to another company, and as a result, he was forced to settle with the “Model 3” name. Currently, the vehicles spell out “S3XY” when you add the Model Y. We expect it to sell more units than the Model 3 simply because of its crossover utility vehicle design that is quite popular with many American families. In fact, Musk has said that he thinks that the Y will sell more than the Model 3, X and S. Maybe he is banking on making his EVs more popular than sex, given that he has a dirty mind.


How much will I spend to buy it?

The Performance version, Dual Motor AWD, Long Range, and the Standard version will cost $60,000, $51,000, $47,000 and $39,000 respectively. You will notice that there is a 10 percent hike in prices when compared to the Model 3. With a deposit of $2500, you can now put in an order for the Tesla Model Y in the company’s website.

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When can I drive it?

You will have to wait for more than 12 months for your delivery to arrive. The cheapest trim level will arrive last, in 2021.


How much range does it have?

The Model Y will be offered in Long Range and Standard Range models, just like the Model 3. Tesla hasn’t announced the official battery capacity figures, but we know that this vehicle will come with two battery packs that have around 75 kWh and 50 kWh. The rear-wheel-drive Long Range form should deliver an EPA-estimated 300 miles, while the Performance model should offer 280 miles and finally, the Dual Motor Long Range is expected to produce 280 miles. You should also expect to get around 230 miles of range when the Y’s Standard Range model makes a late arrival.


Who are the main rivals?

The Acura MDX and BMW X3 are some of the smaller crossovers that will give the Tesla Model Y a run for its money; they will be competing on the basis of price and size. The Y will have many similarities with its competitors. This car-based SUV will offer a fuel economy and handling that is as docile as that of a passenger car. The Y combines the spacious rear cargo area and tall seating position of a truckier SUV. It takes a good piece of everybody, just like a fat kid who has his cake and eats it, get it?


Where will it be built?

Tesla said that the Model Y is being manufactured in the "Gigafactory" outside Reno. This Nevada-based location is the best option since the California factory is fully occupied with the manufacturing of the Model 3, X and S. Some of the Model Y entry-level versions will be made in the automaker’s new Gigafactory outside Shanghai. It is important to note that the Model Ys that will be built in China will only be sold in the Chinese market.

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