Please Enjoy the Lexus LC Convertible Concept

Toyota’s luxury arm currently lacks a convertible, and that’s why the Lexus LC Convertible has decided to address this issue like a boss. This convertible concept reminds me of a mango that is almost ripe; it is not an actual concept; it is an LC coupe that doesn’t come with a roof! When we think of concept cars, what comes to mind are mind-boggling tech features, futuristic interiors, and spectacular exterior designs. All these highlights are missing in the LC Convertible, and that is why we are convinced that it will be available as a production car. We have heard rumors of a production drop-top from the moment the coupe arrived. The LC Convertible will be Lexus’ answer to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet. There are many unanswered questions about this concept, but we will tell you everything that has been revealed.


How does it differ from the production coupe?

At first sight, it is impossible to see a difference between this concept and the LC coupe that was released last year, in fact, these cars are more similar than Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. It comes with an identical rear fascia, the same massive grille, similar headlamps as well as identical wheels and mirror caps. However, the concept has a few differences. In addition to the missing roof, it also has a revised upper section. The windshield’s angle is a little smaller towards the rear, and generally, it is a tad shorter. We aren’t surprised by these changes in the upper section because they are commonly used in convertibles to improve aerodynamics and the soft-top layout.


Which engine does it offer?

The new concept will borrow its engine from the [search label="LC Coupe" items="Lexus LC 500|Lexus Sportscar|Luxury Cars|BMW"]; it will be powered by a 471 hp 5.0-liter V8 engine that offers 398 pound-feet of torque. The juice can also come from a 354 hp 2.5-liter V6 engine that is complemented by a hybrid motor. The open-air roadster uses a 10-speed automatic transmission to send power to its 22in rear wheels. It appears Lexus want even a common trip in this vehicle to feel like a weekend at Coachella.


When will it arrive?

The manufacturers are calling it a concept, but by the look of things, we feel that it will soon be offered as a production vehicle. The recent media unveiling in Detroit only left car journalists with more questions than answers, for instance, the Lexus chief designer refused to say what was under the car’s rear deck panel. We also don’t know which kind of top it will feature. However, a little bird whispered to us that the production [search label="convertible" items="BMW Convertible|Audi Convertible|Used Convertibles|Luxury Cars"] should be available in 18 months.

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What does the interior offer?

We don’t know much about the interior, but it maintains most of the features that are found in its predecessor, save for a few extras. It offers yellow accent stitching and white leather upholstery. Lexus revealed that we should expect a two-tone combo in the interior: the white on the lower door panels and the seats will be complemented by black inserts on the steering wheel, dashboard, upper door panels, and the seatbacks. On the other hand, it maintains its big infotainment display, an unchanged digital instrument cluster, the passenger-side center console handle, the two-tier dashboard, and an analog clock. When you look behind the rear seats, you will get the impression that there is no room for a folding metal top. However, the truth is that we may have an origami-style metal roof that has the ability to sit flat.


What do we love and hate about it?

There are many things to love about this new concept, but the ones that stand out for us are its white leather, revised windshield, sleek look, infinite headroom, and redesigned deck lid. On the negative side, we think that it will be a huge challenge to keep the leather upholstery clean.


What is our verdict about it?

We knew about the Lexus LC coupe in 2016 when it was launched at the Detroit Auto Show. The stylish, high-end coupe made us fall in love with Toyota’s luxury brand all over again. It won many admirers on the road and in the show. The new Lexus LC Convertible adds visual drama by removing the roof, it is meant to ride on the popularity of its predecessor, and we are backing it to maintain the magic.

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