New 2018 Honda Models

The tenth generation of the Honda Accord has begun. There are two new Civics on the Honda menu for 2018, too, along with two new Clarity models. Not exactly huge changes, to be sure, but the lack of changes to these old standbys may be due to something much bigger and more exciting in the pipeline. At least, we hope. It's actually a "try, try again" effort being put toward a third attempt at an extremely fuel-efficient hybrid. Here are the answers to questions you may have about new 2018 Hondas.


What is a Honda Clarity?

The Honda Clarity is a fuel-efficient, five-passenger sedan that is produced for residents of California and Oregon. Previous models have run on hydrogen. It can go 366 miles on one fill-up and gets a combined 68 mpge, according to the EPA. The new 2018 models are available with a hydrogen-powered engine, electric motor or a plug-in gas engine/electric motor combination. The electric and plug-in models are available outside of California and Oregon.


Did the Honda Civic get any changes for 2018?

There are two new Civic models for 2018. The Civic Si was introduced in late 2017. It has room for five and is available in coupe or sedan styles. Base MSRP for a new Civic SI coupe or sedan is $24,100. It is fairly fuel efficient, getting 28 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. <br><br>The other, more exciting, new Civic model is the 2018 Civic Type R. It offers a combination of both high performance and refinement. The Type R is a hatchback with a four-cylinder in-line engine with Single-Scroll MHI TD04 Turbo and Internal Wastegate that produces 306 hp at 6500 rpm and 295 lb-ft torque at 2500 to 4500 rpm. It gets 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. There is room for four in the Type R, and there are 46.2 cubic feet of cargo space in the back with the rear seat folded down. Base MSRP on the new Civic Type R is $34,100.


What changes have been made on the Honda Accord for 2018?

The tenth generation Accord is built on an elongated Civic platform. It comes standard with either a 1.5-L or 2-L engine, and there are five different trim levels available. Fuel efficiency depends on which engine and transmission you get. It ranges from 22 to 30 mpg in the city and 32 to 38 mpg on the highway. Another new hybrid Accord model is scheduled to arrive in early 2018. <br><br>Honda Sensing active driver assist and safety systems are standard on all 2018 Honda Accords. This suite of safety features includes a Lane Keeping Assist System, a Road Departure Mitigation System, a Collision Mitigation Braking System, Traffic Sign Recognition and a Road Departure Mitigation System. <br><br>The infotainment system on all trims includes a 7" or 8" display touch-screen, a USB audio interface and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink Audio. The higher trim levels come with a 180-watt audio system with eight speakers or a 450-watt premium audio system with ten speakers as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration systems. <br><br>Base MSRP for a 2018 Honda Accord is $23,570 to $33,800.

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Is Honda offering a completely new hybrid vehicle in 2018?

Honda is offering a new hybrid in 2018, but it is going by an old name - the Insight. There have been two previous versions of the Insight, both of which were produced for about seven years. The first Insight hybrid was produced from 1999 to 2006. That version got about 70 mpg, according to the EPA. The second version was on the market from 2008 to 2014. <br><br>The first two Insights were very different cars, and nobody's quite certain why Honda continues to recycle the name "Insight." Honda insists this new and improved third Insight hybrid will be much better than the others. It has a new, sleek design with a long, sweeping roofline and wide, low stance. There will be room for five, and it will have a 60/40 split-folding rear seat.<br><br>The new Insight is slated to be out this summer. It will have a gas engine and a battery-powered electric motor. The Honda Sensing safety system will come standard on the Insight. It will also come with an infotainment system that includes home-screen shortcuts and customizable app tiles. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility will be an available option as well as Wi-Fi-enabled system updates.

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