Must-Have Car Safety Device Is Vital To Be Prepared For A Car Wreck

There are over 5.4 million car crashes every year in the USA. While we’d all like to think that we or our loved ones will never experience a serious car accident, it pays to be prepared.


Car safety experts have argued for years that drivers should carry window smashers and seat belt cutters that are easily accessible in a car wreck. Do you? Even if you are one of the few drivers that carry these safety devices, you’ve probably kept them in your glovebox  – dangerously far out of reach during in an accident.


Fortunately, there is a revolutionary new device with patented features called CrashSafe which is designed to be within arms reach in any car emergency. This one-of-a-kind emergency tool comes loaded with features and is designed to be plugged directly into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) making it easily accessible for when you need it most.

So what is CrashSafe?

CrashSafe is an ‘all-in-one’ car emergency tool designed with patented features to help drivers escape from road emergencies – packed with 6 powerful life-saving features including…

  • Window Smasher – Easily smash through car windows with one strike using the patented, small metal pin hidden in the tip of the cigarette lighter plug.
  • Seatbelt Cutter – Sharp enough to easily slice through seat belts yet designed to be safe enough to avoid accidentally cutting anyone.
  • Car Charger – Keep CrashSafe plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) and use the USB charging port to quickly power your mobile phone or other devices.
  • Power Bank – Remove CrashSafe from your cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) and use it as a portable charger. The 2200 mAh lithium battery stores enough power to give your phone a complete charge in stranded situations.
  • LED Flashlight – This powerful torch lasts 4 hours and can help you in nighttime emergencies such as when you need to change a tire or walk to safety.
  • Emergency Beacon – For added safety, use CrashSafe‘s high-powered red flashing light to ensure oncoming traffic does not strike your vehicle. Lasts 10 hours!

Get CrashSafe today and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones can make it out safely.

Ok, How Much is CrashSafe?

Ready to get blown away?


You would think CrashSafe would charge over a hundred dollars for a product that can save your life in an emergency, but the good news for you is that the founders created a life-saving device that everyone could afford. They want to make sure as many drivers as possible have CrashSafe in their cars to protect them for when they need it the most.


CrashSafe is currently on sale for just $49, a modest price for the safety and security every driver needs to have.

Where Can I Get One? No Wait… I Want Two!!

You can get as many CrashSafe devices as you want directly from the company’s official website by clicking the link below.


And here’s an even better deal for you:



Update: To celebrate Car Safety Awareness, CrashSafe is having a special “Buy 2 Get 1 FREE” promotion! Get 3 CrashSafe Devices Today for less than $33/ea (+ FREE US Shipping) instead of $49/ea! A simple price to pay to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe on the road. CrashSafe makes a great gift for ALL drivers!

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